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Summons are units called forth by a hero to aid them in battle. Summoned by spells, each summoned unit possesses its own unique traits. Damage by summons is considered player-based damage and will disable effects on-hit as if it were a hero. Units that are summoned can be any unit type and do not always have the Summoned unit type.


Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Summon
Beastmaster Call of the Wild Hawk Hawk
Call of the Wild Boar Boar
Brewmaster Primal Split Earth, Storm, and Fire
Broodmother Spawn Spiderlings Spiderling
Death Prophet Exorcism Ghosts
Elder Titan Astral Spirit Astral Spirit
Enigma Demonic Conversion Eidolon
Invoker Forge Spirit Forged Spirit
Lone Druid Summon Spirit Bear Spirit Bear
Lycan Summon Wolves Lycan Wolf
Nature's Prophet Nature's Call Treant
Wrath of Nature Greater Treant
Visage Summon Familiars Familiar
Warlock Chaotic Offering Warlock Golem
Weaver The Swarm The Swarm
Undying Tombstone Zombie
Unit Abilities
Unit Ability Summon
Spiderling Spawn Spiderite Spiderite
Neutral Abilities
Neutral Ability Summon
Dark Troll Summoner Raise Dead Skeleton Warrior
Mud Golem Shard Split Shard Golem
Wildwing Ripper Tornado Tornado
Item Abilities
Item Ability Summon
Animal Courier Deploy Courier Animal Courier
Flying Courier Upgrade Courier Flying Courier
Necronomicon Demonic Summoning Necronomicon Warrior
Necronomicon Archer


Units can also become summoned through conversion. Instead of creating a unit, an already existing unit becomes owned by the caster.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Chen Holy Persuasion
Enchantress Enchant
Lifestealer Control
Item Abilities
Item Ability
Helm of the Dominator Dominate


Wards are player-made structures summoned to the battlefield. They cannot be targeted by most abilities.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Notes
Arc Warden Spark Wraith Invulnerable
Broodmother Spin Web Invulnerable
Clockwerk Power Cogs Can be destroyed in 1 hit by the owner
Gyrocopter Homing Missile Can be pushed by Force Staff
Instantly destroyed by Chronosphere
Earth Spirit Stone Remnant Invulnerable and can only be affected by Boulder Smash, Rolling Boulder, Geomagnetic Grip, and Magnetize
Ember Spirit Fire Remnant Invulnerable and can only be affected by Activate Fire Remnant
Juggernaut Healing Ward Can be frozen by Chronosphere
Monkey King Wukong's Command Invulnerable
Their attack damage, on-hit effects, and auras are identical to Monkey King's, based on Monkey King's item inventory upon cast
Nature's Prophet Sprout Creates temporary trees
Phoenix Supernova Can only be attacked by heroes
Pugna Nether Ward Can be targeted by Decrepify
Shadow Shaman Mass Serpent Ward Can be walked through by using phase abilities that remove collision
Can be frozen by Chronosphere
Storm Spirit Static Remnant Invulnerable
Techies Minefield Sign Invulnerable
Proximity Mines Cannot be revealed by True Sight
Stasis Trap Can be destroyed by other Stasis Traps that have detonated
Can be destroyed by the Chop ability
Remote Mines Pinpoint Detonate disabled in Chronosphere
Can be destroyed by the Chop ability
Templar Assassin Psionic Trap Spring Trap disabled in Chronosphere
Treant Protector Eyes in the Forest Must target a tree
Can be destroyed by Tree-Destroying Abilities and a few Tree-Interacting Abilities
Tusk Frozen Sigil Can be frozen by Chronosphere
Undying Tombstone Can be healed by Soul Rip, cannot be damaged by enemy Soul Rip
Can be targeted by allied Decrepify, immune to enemy Decrepify
Venomancer Plague Ward Can be frozen by Chronosphere
Witch Doctor Death Ward Invulnerable
Can be frozen by Chronosphere
Zeus Nimbus Lightning Bolt cooldown benefits from cooldown reduction buffs on Zeus
Item Abilities
Item Ability Notes
Observer Ward Plant Ward Can be destroyed by Tangos, Quelling Blade, and Battle Fury
Sentry Ward Plant Ward Can be destroyed by Tangos, Quelling Blade, and Battle Fury


Clones are special units that are not treated as summons but instead interact fully as a hero.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Arc Warden Tempest Double
Meepo Divided We Stand

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