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[e][h]LeviatánLeviatán Taiga
Player Information
Tommy Le
July 4, 1998 (age 25)
Europe Europe
Years Active (Player):
2017 - Present
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Hero:
Earth Spirit Chen Io
2017-08-29 — 2017-10-16SFTe-sports
2017-10-16 — 2017-11-29No Rats
2017-11-29 — 2019-09-26Alliance
2019-10-02 — 2021-11-19Team Liquid
2021-11-21 — 2023-08-01OG
2023-08-01 — 2023-10-12OG(Ia.)
2023-08-09 — 2023-08-21Wildcard Gaming(L.)
2023-11-15 — 2023-12-28Bleed Esports
2024-02-08 — 2024-03-18Retired
2024-03-18 — PresentLeviatán
Upcoming Matches
bc beastcoastbeastcoast
LeviatánLeviatán LEV
April 16, 2024 - 17:00 UTC
Qhali QhaliQhali
LeviatánLeviatán LEV
April 17, 2024 - 17:00 UTC
LEV LeviatánLeviatán
InfinityInfinity Infinity
April 18, 2024 - 20:00 UTC

Upcoming Tournaments
EPL World Series: America Season 10 EPL World Series: America Season 10
Mar 4 - Apr 28

Tommy "Taiga" Le (born July 4, 1998) is a Norwegian player who is currently playing for Leviatán.


Following The International 2017, Taiga started playing on SFTe-sports, alongside Illidan and Finnish pubstar Topson. The team made a name for themselves in the European qualifier scene and were able to qualify for WCA 2017. The players left the organization in October 2017 and continued to play together as No Rats, but their results did not improve. On November 29th, Alliance announced that Taiga would join their new roster.[1]

The Alliance roster was eventually signed by Team Liquid and won ESL One Germany 2020. Following the team's defeat in the The International 2021 Qualifiers, he was released from the team along with qojqva.

Taiga then joined a new-look OG roster. The following year OG would be crowned champions at ESL Stockholm and Malaysia 2022. Prior to TI 2023, OG announced that Taiga would be free to "able to explore his options ahead of TI12 qualifiers", and was subsequently moved to the inactive roster. He joined Wildcard Gaming on loan for The International 2023 North America Qualifiers,[2] although they failed to qualify. He was subsequently released by OG in October 2023.[3][4]

Taiga then joined Bleed Esports ahead of the ESL One Kuala Lumpur Qualifiers,[5] although he left a month later, after failing to qualify.[6] After returning to Europe and playing in various qualifier stacks, he announced his retirement from the professional scene in February 2024, deciding to focus on streaming,[7] although he joined Leviatán a month later.[8]

Gambling addiction and matchfixing allegations[edit]

In November 2023, after leaving OG, Taiga spoke about his struggles with a gambling addiction, his need for a break from the esports scene, and this leading to his departure from OG.[9]

In March 2024, the reporter Morf-designer (also known as Morf) hosted an interview with OG co-owner Ceb, where they spoke about Taiga's gambling addiction and rumours about him matchfixing. Ceb stated that after they were made aware of Taiga's issues, they suspended Taiga internally, conducted a private investigation (without his knowledge), and spoke with multiple parties, including Valve. Their investigations concluded that there was insufficient evidence that Taiga had committed any offence within Dota 2, and the team was given the green light for Taiga to return. However, the overall set of events had damaged the team's mentality, and Taiga himself was struggling to cope, so the team chose to put him on the inactive list.[10][11]

Just over a week after Ceb's interview, Morf released a new video, reporting contradictory evidence, sent by banned[12] player Alexander "Sensibility" Filatov. Sensibility alleged that he and Taiga were accomplices during his time at OG, with Taiga initially providing inside information, before moving on to spot-fixing within matches, such as fixing First Blood. Taiga claimed that Sensibility attempted to blackmail him, which eventually led to him no longer cooperating; however, Sensibility claimed that Taiga later went back to matchfixing, with a different go-between, which was why he chose to expose him. Morf also stated that OG were unaware of any of this evidence at the time of their investigation.[13][14][15]

OG released a statement later that day, reiterating that they had conducted an independent investigation, worked with legal counsel, and raised these concerns with ESL, PGL and Valve. They also stated that at the time, they had been required to re-add him to their roster due to Dota Pro Circuit rules (or risk disqualification due to an excessive number of substitutions). In the light of this new evidence, they condemned Taiga's actions and behaviour.[16]



  • Had the highest average assists per game (15.94) at The International 2019.
  • Had the highest average assists per game (16.86) at ESL Stockholm 2022.
  • Had the highest average deaths per game (8.39) during Tour 1 of the 2023 DPC WEU Upper Division.

Stats acquired from datdota and Dotabuff [1] [2] [3]


2023-07-2413th - 14thTier 1Riyadh Masters 2023Riyadh Masters 2023
0/5/2Grp S.$200,000
2022-10-237th - 8thTier 1The International 2022The International 2022
0 : 2
Team LiquidTeam Liquid
2022-08-281stTier 1ESL One Malaysia 2022ESL One Malaysia 2022
3 : 0
Team AsterTeam Aster
2022-07-243rd - 4thTier 1Riyadh Masters 2022Riyadh Masters 2022
1 : 2
2022-05-221stTier 1ESL One Stockholm Major 2022ESL One Stockholm Major 2022
3 : 1
2022-04-211stTier 2DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division IDPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division IDPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division I
6/-/1Grp S.$30,000
2020-11-011stTier 1ESL One Germany 2020ESL One Germany 2020
Team LiquidTeam Liquid
3 : 1
Natus VincereNatus Vincere
2019-08-2013th - 16thTier 1The International 2019The International 2019
0 : 1
Royal Never Give UpRoyal Never Give Up
2019-07-281stTier 2DOTA Summit 10DOTA Summit 10
3 : 0
paiN GamingpaiN Gaming
2019-06-162ndTier 2StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2
2 : 3
Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas
Extended list of results

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