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Talk:Dota Pro Circuit/2017-18

How to do the point breakdown? two options as far as I see it: either show the teams' placing with a background color (gold for first etc.); or we show how the team got to the tournament (INV, MQ, OQ) with placing implied by points or with a hover text. I kinda like the second option, but has way more info than might be necessary. --Oberyn42 (talk) 13:57, 19 September 2017 (UTC)

I actually like the first option (points with placement as background color (if you meant that)). I think the less complicated the better. It's supposed to be an quick overview after all. Also we should probably look into making this kind of stuff to be automated.--Rapture (talk) 17:56, 19 September 2017 (UTC)
yeah, exactly what I meant. you're also probably right that it would be better that way, since the whole table will look much cleaner. --Oberyn42 (talk) 22:14, 19 September 2017 (UTC)
How about signifying the region instead of MQ and OQ? Seems like somewhat useless data compared to what region the teams qualified through. Suggested abbreviation: EU, CIS, NA, SA, SEA, CN. --Breindahl (talk) 13:35, 22 September 2017 (UTC)

I came to say what Breindahl has said on 9/22. I think it would be much better to divide it by invites and qualified, with some reference to OQ vs MQ.