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[e][h] tatakae
Player Information
Evgeniy Repin
September 29, 2000 (2000-09-29) (age 21)
Signature Hero:
Morphling Bloodseeker Gyrocopter
Approx. Total Earnings:
2018-12-24 — 2019-12-15
2019-12-15 — 2020-06-14
2020-08-17 — 2021-02-28
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches
Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Evgeniy "tatakae" Repin is a Russian professional Dota 2 player.


2020-10-13AA1stA2Tier 3AOC Play Dota2AOC Play Dota2Nemiga GamingNemiga GamingNemiga Gaming3 : 0Ensis AcademyEnsis Academy$3,500
2020-07-02BA2ndA2Tier 3Arena of Blood Season 2Arena of Blood Season 2Team EmpireTeam EmpireTeam Empire1 : 3EXTREMUMEXTREMUM$2,500
2020-06-18AA1stA2Tier 3Vulkan Fight SeriesVulkan Fight SeriesTeam EmpireTeam EmpireTeam Empire3 : 2OG SeedOG Seed$6,000
2020-05-31BA2ndA2Tier 3Global Infection CupGlobal Infection CupTeam Empire HopeTeam Empire HopeTeam Empire Hope2 : 3NOVANOVA$2,500
2020-04-26DA4thA2Tier 3SIGUL Pro LeagueSIGUL Pro LeagueTeam Empire HopeTeam Empire HopeTeam Empire Hope1 :$1,750
2020-03-26AA1stA2Tier 3Epic Challenger League Season 1Epic Challenger League Season 1Team Empire HopeTeam Empire HopeTeam Empire Hope3 : 1KhanKhan$10,600
2020-03-23BA2ndA2Tier 3Hot Price League Season 2Hot Price League Season 2Team Empire HopeTeam Empire HopeTeam Empire Hope0 :$2,100
2019-12-24CA3rdA2Tier 3Winter BlastWinter BlastTeam Empire HopeTeam Empire HopeTeam Empire Hope0 : 2MRMR$2,500
2019-12-15AA1stA2Tier 3Mango Tango League Non-Pro Division AMango Tango League Non-Pro Division ATeam Empire HopeTeam Empire HopeTeam Empire Hope3 : 1Modus UnityModus Unity$5,000
2019-01-05AA1stA2Tier 3StarLadder ProSeries Season 25StarLadder ProSeries Season 25Imperial Pro GamingImperial Pro GamingImperial Pro Gaming2 : 0Monolith GamingMonolith Gaming$1,200
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