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Template:Infobox series

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[e][h]Liquipedia's tournament series
Series Information

An Infobox is one of the standard features of any Liquipedia page and it's no different for tournament series. This template is designed to give basic information about the series and should come before the article text starts, but after other templates such as Tabs or NavBoxes. Following will be the explanation of the code, and some templates for you to use on an series page.


Parameter Explanation
name Name of the series
image Link to the uploaded logo
caption Caption to the uploaded logo
organizer Organizer of the series
organizer2-4 Organizer(s) of the series
organizerX-link Link to the Organizer(s) website
sponsor Sponsor(s) of the series (up to 9)
country Region or Country of the series
city City of series
site URL to series's Homepage
twitch Username on Twitch (up to 5)
stream Link to stream (if not on Twitch)
tlstream Stream name on
youtube Channel name on Youtube (up to 5)
twitter Username on Twitter
facebook Username on Facebook
instagram Username on Instagram
weibo Username on Sina Weibo
tencent User ID on Tencent Weibo
vk Username on VKontakte
reddit Username on
footnotes Notes displayed at the bottom of the Infobox


The code below created the Infobox on this page.

{{Infobox series
|name=Liquipedia's tournament series
|sponsor=[ Liquid Dota]
|sponsor2=[ Twitch]

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