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The International/2015/Main Qualifiers/Americas/Group A

This page is part of the The International 2015: Americas Qualifier article.

Series 1[edit]

Team Leviathan 0 2 NA Rejects
Not Today 1 1 Wheel Whreck

Series 2[edit]

NA Rejects 1 1 Wheel Whreck
Team Leviathan 0 2 Void Boys

Series 3[edit]

NA Rejects 2 0 Not Today
Void Boys 1 1 Wheel Whreck

Series 4[edit]

Team Leviathan 2 0 Wheel Whreck
Not Today 0 2 Void Boys

Series 5[edit]

NA Rejects 2 0 Void Boys
Team Leviathan 0 2 Not Today