The International 2016: Special Events

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All-Star Match[edit]


  • 10 vs 10 All Pick match.
  • Players:
    • Each team is composed of 5 professional players and 5 people selected from the crowd by Kaci Aitchison and SirActionSlacks.
    • Each player chosen from the crowd chose a professional player to play with their team.


Team Kaci (Radiant)
Heroes Players
Dazzle theinternational 5
Centaur Warrunner USA UNiVeRsE
Magnus Swine
Nature's Prophet Sweden AdmiralBulldog
Phoenix Illu
Riki Big Dick LaNm
Morphling Singapore iceiceice
Outworld Devourer ICEICEICE FAN BOY
Ember Spirit USA Fear
Axe South Korea QO
Team Slacks (Dire)
Heroes Players
Broodmother Canada Arteezy
Necrophos Ricket
Underlord Denmark N0tail
Slardar Raindance Ryan
Pugna Sweden Loda
Clockwerk Five_dolla
Omniknight RIP420BootyWizard
Earthshaker Ukraine Dendi
Pudge join the party!!
Tiny China Maybe


Team Kaci
August 11, 2016 - 19:30 PDT
Team Slacks