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TobiWan: Broadcasts

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Detailed Broadcasts[edit]

DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2020-06-28A2Tier 2Beyond the SummitBeyond the SummitBEYOND EPIC: Europe/CISCommentator
2020-06-06A3Tier 3Oceanic Esports League/1Oceanic Esports League/1Oceanic Esports League - Season 1Commentator
2020-05-17 A7Showm.Gamers Without Borders 2020Commentator
2020-05-12A2Tier 2WePlay/Pushka_League/1/Division_1WePlay! Pushka League S1: Division 1Caster
2020-04-26A2Tier 2Beyond the SummitBeyond the SummitBTS Pro Series: Southeast AsiaCommentator
2020-03-08A2Tier 2StarLadderStarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3Caster
2020-01-12A2Tier 2Dota Pro CircuitWePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020Casters & Analyst
2019-12-22A1Tier 1ONE EsportsONE EsportsONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational SingaporeCommentator
2019-10-27A2Tier 2ESL OneESL One Hamburg 2019Commentator
2019-08-25A1Tier 1The InternationalThe International 2019Commentator
2019-06-30A1Tier 1EPICENTEREPICENTER Major 2019Caster
2019-06-16A2Tier 2StarLadderStarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2Commentator
2019-06-02A2Tier 2ESL OneESL One Birmingham 2019Commentator
2019-01-27A1Tier 1Chongqing Major/2019The Chongqing MajorCommentator
2019-01-13A2Tier 2The Bucharest MinorThe Bucharest MinorCaster
2018-08-25A1Tier 1The InternationalThe International 2018Commentator/Analyst
2018-06-10A1Tier 1Dota2 SupermajorChina Dota2 SupermajorCaster
2018-05-27A1Tier 1ESL OneESL One Birmingham 2018Commentator
2018-04-07A1Tier 1Dota 2 Asia ChampionshipsDota 2 Asia Championships 2018Analysts/Commentator
2018-03-11A1Tier 1PGLThe Bucharest MajorCaster
2017-12-03A1Tier 1DreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 8Commentator
2017-11-26A2Tier 2Perfect World MastersPerfect World MastersCommentator
2017-10-22A2Tier 2PGL OpenPGL Open BucharestCommentatorNone
2017-10-15 A7Showm.The Manila InvitationalCommentator
2017-08-12A1Tier 1The InternationalThe International 2017Commentator
2017-07-09A2Tier 2The Final MatchThe Final Match Season 1Commentator
2017-06-11A1Tier 1EPICENTEREPICENTER 2017Commentator
2017-05-28A1Tier 1The MastersThe Manila MastersPanelist/Caster
2017-04-30A1Tier 1Dota Major ChampionshipsThe Kiev Major 2017Commentator
2017-04-04A1Tier 1Dota 2 Asia ChampionshipsDota 2 Asia Championships 2017Commentator
2017-01-22A1Tier 1Dota PIT LeagueDota Pit League Season 5Commentator
2016-12-18A3Tier 3ASUS ROG SEA CupCommentator
2016-12-10A1Tier 1Dota Major ChampionshipsThe Boston Major 2016Commentator
2016-11-13A2Tier 2ROG MASTERSROG MASTERS 2016Commentator/Panelist
2016-10-19A2Tier 2FACEIT InvitationalCommentator
2016-08-13A1Tier 1The InternationalThe International 2016Commentator
2016-06-19A1Tier 1ESL OneESL One Frankfurt 2016Commentator
2016-06-12A1Tier 1Dota Major ChampionshipsThe Manila Major 2016Commentator
2016-05-15A1Tier 1EPICENTEREPICENTER 2016Commentators/Analyst
2016-04-24A1Tier 1ESL OneESL One Manila 2016Commentator/Analyst
2016-03-20A1Tier 1Dota PIT LeagueDota Pit League Season 4Commentator/Analyst
2016-03-06A1Tier 1Dota Major ChampionshipsThe Shanghai Major 2016Commentator/Analyst
2015-12-06A2Tier 2The DefenseThe Defense Season 5Commentator/Analyst
2015-11-21A1Tier 1Dota Major ChampionshipsThe Frankfurt Major 2015Commentator
2015-10-04A1Tier 1ESL OneESL One New York 2015Commentator
2015-08-08A1Tier 1The InternationalThe International 2015Commentator
2014-07-21A1Tier 1The InternationalThe International 2014Commentator
2014-06-29A1Tier 1ESL OneESL One Frankfurt 2014Commentator
2013-11-30A1Tier 1DreamLeagueDreamLeague Kick-Off SeasonCommentator
2013-08-11A1Tier 1The InternationalThe International 2013Commentator
2012-12-02A1Tier 1World Cyber GamesWorld Cyber Games 2012Commentator
2012-09-10 A7Showm.RaidCall 2 Year Anniversary: Battle RoyaleCommentator
2012-09-02A1Tier 1The InternationalThe International 2012Commentator
2011-08-21A1Tier 1The InternationalThe International 2011Commentator
1970-01-01A2Tier 2Red Bull HeroicksCommentatorNone