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True Strike

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Count on it.

True Strike is any auto attack that cannot miss or be evaded by the target. True strike ignores evasion and blinds, allowing the user to always hit the target. True strike does not guarantee the hit if it is disjointed. True strike does not work against buildings.

Cleave is separate mechanic, but also cannot miss.

Accuracy is a similar mechanic, applied as a debuff on the enemy.

True Strike[edit]

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Notes
Luna Moon Glaive The bounces cannot miss.
Monkey King Boundless Strike The attacks applied cannot miss.
Nyx Assassin Vendetta The backstab cannot miss.
Phantom Assassin Stifling Dagger The dagger attack cannot miss.
Sniper Assassinate
The attacks applied cannot miss. (Scepter)
Treant Protector Nature's Guise The bash cannot miss.
Tusk Walrus PUNCH! The punch cannot miss.
Witch Doctor Death Ward
The attacks applied cannot miss. (Scepter)
Ember Spirit Auto Attack The attack damage cannot miss. (Level 20 Talent)
Drow Ranger Marksmanship The Marksmanship attacks cannot miss.
Item Abilities
Item Ability Notes
Skull Basher Bash The bash cannot miss.
Abyssal Blade Bash The bash cannot miss.
Silver Edge Shadow Walk The backstab cannot miss.

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