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Unit Types

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All warfare is asymmetric.

There are several Unit Types in Dota. A single unit can have multiple unit types at once. Nothing can alter the unit types a unit possesses.


All heroes in Dota are hero units. Heroes can gain experience, earn gold, and level up their abilities.


Creep units are all creatures that inhabit the map. They are automatically spawned at regular time intervals within the game.

List of Creep units:


Ancient units are resistant to specific spells. They are treated as a hero unit or a creep unit depending on the spell. For example, hero units are always affected by spells as a hero, creep units are always affected by spells as a creep, but ancient units can receive either effect or none at all. What determines which effect can be used is unique to each spell.

List of units with the Ancient unit type:

Creep Hero[edit]

Ancients with Resistant Skin:


Summoned units are called forth by heroes to aid them in battle. Summons take bonus damage from certain abilities like illusions do, and always grant 50% experience when killed. Not all summons have the summoned unit type.

List of units with the Summoned unit type:


A ward type unit is a structure summoned by a hero. It cannot be targeted or affected by most abilities, and can usually only be taken down by physical attacks unless it is invulnerable. Like always, not all wards have the ward unit type.

List of units with the Ward unit type:

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