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[e][h] Varen
Player Information
Kanokkorn Hirungue
Signature Hero:
Sand King Ember Spirit Clockwerk
Approx. Total Earnings:
2017-02-07 — 2017-??-??
2018-09-10 — 2019-03-01
2020-01-02 — 2020-04-??
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches
Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Kanokkorn "Varen" Hirungue is a Thai professional Dota 2 player.


2020-08-08EA5 - 6thA2Tier 3ESL Thailand Championship 2020 Season 1ESL Thailand Championship 2020 Season 1Team Unknown (Thai team)Team UnknownTeam Unknown0 : 2MS ChonburiMS Chonburi$1,638
2019-11-25FA6thA2Tier 3Hashtag Indy Tournament Season 2Hashtag Indy Tournament Season 2LYNX THLYNX THLYNX TH2/1/4Grp S.$829
2019-08-03GA7 - 8thA2Tier 3ESL Thailand Championship 2019 Season 2ESL Thailand Championship 2019 Season 2LYNX THLYNX THLYNX TH0/-/2Grp S.$500
2019-05-25GA7 - 8thA2Tier 3ESL Thailand Championship 2019 Season 1ESL Thailand Championship 2019 Season 1Astro EsportsAstro EsportsAstro Esports0/1/6Grp S.$500
2018-10-15BA2ndA2Tier 3World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Thailand FinalsWorld Electronic Sports Games 2018 Thailand FinalsQuestion Mark (Thai team)Question MarkQuestion Mark0 : 3ALPHA RedALPHA Red$450
2018-10-07EC5 - 8thA2Tier 3E-Sport Pro League 2018E-Sport Pro League 2018Hashtag-I EsportHashtag-I EsportHashtag-I Esport1/1/5Grp S.$609
2018-10-04IA9thA1Tier 2PVP Esports ChampionshipPVP Esports ChampionshipQuestion Mark (Thai team)Question MarkQuestion Mark0/-/5Grp S.$6,000
2018-09-16AA1stA2Tier 3PVP Esports Championship Thailand QualifiersPVP Esports Championship Thailand QualifiersQuestion Mark (Thai team)Question MarkQuestion Mark2 : 0Revenge AKERevenge AKE$9,142
2018-04-19AC1 - 4thA6QualifierE-Sport Pro League 2018 Open QualifierE-Sport Pro League/2018E-Sport Pro League 2018 Open QualifierImprovedImprovedImproved1 : 0NeXT EsportsNeXT Esports 
2016-12-17GA7 - 8thA2Tier 3ASUS ROG SEA CupASUS ROG SEA CupNeolution E-SportNeolution E-SportNeolution E-Sport0 : 1Eagles-eyeEagles-eye$587
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