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Version 6.01

[e][h]Version 6.01
Version Information
Release Date:
  • Balance Changes

General Changes[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Cooldowns fixed in various areas
  • Fixed some of the problems with Orange's scores (Player score fix)
  • Fixed Yasha, Mithril Hammer issues
  • Fixed many small errors on items
  • Fixed issues with units not having food costs
  • Fixed various small bugs with heroes


Bloodseeker Bloodseeker[edit]

  • Fixed Strygwyr's color changing in Demon Fury

Chen Chen[edit]

  • Chen's Perdition given a cooldown and much higher mana cost

Dazzle Dazzle[edit]

  • Dazzle's Shadow Weave does not affect enemies yet. Power Word lasts longer

Enigma Enigma[edit]

No Hero God of Wind[edit]

  • Tiourikikaze, God of Wind, model changed to Wildkin

Morphling Morphling[edit]

  • Nerfed Morphling's Blink

Silencer Silencer[edit]

  • Silencer's Rain of Chaos doesn't damage buildings

Sniper Sniper[edit]

Tiny Tiny[edit]


Mekansm Mekansm[edit]

  • Mekansm can no longer trigger infinitely, doesn't work with images, and has a smaller chance to proc

Hand of Midas Hand of Midas[edit]

  • Nerfed Hand of Midas

Sange and Yasha Sange and Yasha[edit]

  • Nerfed Sange and Yasha

Yasha Yasha[edit]

  • Nerfed Yasha