Version 6.34

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[e][h]Version 6.34
Version Information
Release Date:
  • Balance Changes
  • Bug Fixes


  • New icons for Witchcraft, Lifestealer's Poison Sting, Rhasta's Forked Lightning, Razor's Chain Lightning, Laser, Grow, Overpower, Shukuchi, and Static Field (thx to snork, Grujah.Noob, alfredx_sotn, M3Th0dz and switch)

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a probability error on multicast when using Scepter
  • Fixed Spin Web from preventing Neutral Creep spawning
  • Fixed a minor camera issue with Replicate
  • Fixed a fatal error when using Fissure on map edges
  • Fixed a bug with Dispersion that caused it to reflect too much damage off Culling Blade
  • Fixed a bug with Ice Path that would cause it to sometimes go shorter or longer
  • Fixed Black Hole to properly affect the Spirit Bear


I apologize for the delay on this release, i was unable to use my editor and tools for over a week.


Abaddon Abaddon[edit]

  • Reduced the extremely large cast range on Aphotic Shield
  • Added a few seconds to Aphotic Shield cooldown

Beastmaster Beastmaster[edit]

Bristleback Bristleback[edit]

  • Reworked the numbers, angles, and some mechanics on the Bristleback ability
  • Nerfed the AOE and damage on Quill Spray

Broodmother Broodmother[edit]

  • Broodmother now has vision directly underneath her webs

Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner[edit]

Chaos Knight Chaos Knight[edit]

Jakiro Jakiro[edit]

  • Buffed Macropyre from 75/100/125 to 75/125/175 damage per second
  • Improved the detection area and reduced the freeze delay on Ice Path

Lich Lich[edit]

  • Chain Frost cast range reduced from 800 to 750. Scepter version increased from 800 to 850

Morphling Morphling[edit]

  • Waveform mana cost increased from 120 to 140/155/160/165

Outworld Devourer Outworld Devourer[edit]

Pugna Pugna[edit]

Silencer Silencer[edit]

  • Silencer's movement speed reduced from 300 to 290

Spectre Spectre[edit]

  • Spectre base damage reduced
  • Reduced duration of Spectral Dagger's hero trail and initial cast trail durations
  • Reworked the targeting system on Reality to a more natural one
  • Replaced Vengeance with a new ability (thx eva00r)

Troll Warlord Troll Warlord[edit]

  • Troll Warlord now has increased movement speed while in Berserker Rage form

Weaver Weaver[edit]

  • Increased the maximum number of Watchers


Aegis of the Immortal Aegis of the Immortal[edit]

  • Removed Stout Shield from Aegis recipe

Tango Tango[edit]

  • Reworked Tango a bit