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Version 6.39

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[e][h]Version 6.39
Version Information
Release Date:
  • New Hero
  • Readded Hero
  • Balance Changes
  • Bug Fixes

New Hero[edit]

Meepo, the Geomancer[edit]

Readded Hero[edit]

Dazzle, the Shadow Priest[edit]

General Changes[edit]

  • Listed all the cooldowns for items and abilities
  • Added -rd (-randomdraft, similar to the style of play in a few inhouse leagues)
  • Added two new Scourge heroes
  • Added new functionality to replay files for leagues to more easily calculate and process game data
  • Added -showdeny/-hidedeny
  • Added new host commands "-weather snow", "-weather rain" and for everyone "-weather off" (if it is turned off, it can't be turned on again, to prevent spam and abuses)
  • -ma now shows hero level next to the name
  • Improved first middle Scourge tower area
  • Added a new endgame scoreboard to replace the inaccurate one that Warcraft 3 generates
  • Improved death text presentation
  • Added floating text to show you all the gold you get (including bonuses, not just the 100) from hero kills as well as tower kills. Please note that there has been no change to the gold you get, it is just being displayed as an added effect now.
  • Improved some ward vision areas for the Scourge team (thx Wedge[p])
  • Sentinel and Scourge hero kills now share the gold with the team instead of it being lost
  • Rewrote a lot of internal coding to allow for cleaner AI version implementation (in near future, the bot capability will be part of the regular map, useable in every release)
  • Added Snowman after Roshan (just a temp for the season)
  • Added hero icons to the multiboard
  • Added an observer scoreboard display for better information when watching live games
  • Improved AI on the siege units. They spawn every 7 waves now instead of every 6
  • Upgraded ghouls now have a bigger model like the treants do when upgraded
  • Chaos damage now does 40% damage to fortified (down from 50%)
  • You now have more time to repick (120 from 60)
  • Added -disablehelp support for sprout
  • Gnoll Assassin creep is slightly stronger and give a little more bounty as well
  • Lowered Neutral Taskmaster's HP/armor/movement speed
  • Implemented hero descriptions by Deathknight6034 (Bloodseeker, Ryali, DK), Aconite_Vyper (Sniper), KingReaper (Phantom Lancer), Volcove (Keeper of the Light), Bowstaff (Omniknight), SteveGarbage (Furion), theAlice (Panda, Vol'Jin), prawnstar (Antimage), skipperme (Chen), redrooster (Fletcher), Tikiboi (Raigor). Good job guys.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a graphical glitch with the spawn direction of Elune's Arrow
  • Fixed the creep blocking issues on the left Sentinel side
  • Fixed Decrepify tooltip
  • Reworked status buff placements on Shadow Word, Mjollnir and Fatal Bonds icon to display properly on Illusions
  • Fixed a big exploit reported by UKI-TZAR
  • Storm Seeker no longer draws Roshan out
  • Fixed typo on Bristleback damage autospray (did not buff him, just a typo fix)
  • Fixed Mjollnir tooltip
  • New animation for Bottle (thx Ro-Coco)
  • Fixed last 2 towers not giving gold to team
  • Necromancer now properly grows in size
  • Fixed the initial delay on Luna's Eclipse
  • Fixed Clinkz's Skeleton Walk buff tooltip
  • Cannot repick if you don't have full hp and mana (to prevent some abuses)
  • Changed Elune's Arrow animation
  • Fixed a bug with Spiderlings' poison reducing attack speed instead of movement speed (thx ZerielDRK)
  • Fixed a few bugs on level 4 abilities with Witchcraft
  • Fixed POTM endgame icon
  • Many other countless tooltip fixes and improvements


  • Big thanks to all the beta testers that stayed up late with me to get this out for New Years day!


Abaddon Abaddon[edit]

Alchemist Alchemist[edit]

Bloodseeker Bloodseeker[edit]

  • Reduced Strygwyr's Thirst HP detection from 50% to 40%

Broodmother Broodmother[edit]

  • Spin Web regeneration now improves with levels

Doom Doom[edit]

  • Added Lucifer to Aghanim's Scepter

Earthshaker Earthshaker[edit]

Keeper of the Light Keeper of the Light[edit]

  • Improved the Liberated Souls with Ignis Fatuus Scepter Upgrade

Leshrac Leshrac[edit]

Lich Lich[edit]

  • Undid small part of the previous Dark Ritual nerf (was nerfed from 45 second cooldown to 60/55/50/45 before, and now to 55/50/45/40)

Lone Druid Lone Druid[edit]

  • Increased Spirit Bear's Base Attack Time from 1.75/1.6/1.45/1.3 to 1.75/1.65/1.55/1.45

Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend[edit]

  • Reduced mana cost and slightly increase AOE on Shadowraze

Tidehunter Tidehunter[edit]

Troll Warlord Troll Warlord[edit]

  • Increased Troll Warlord's movement speed by 5

Ursa Ursa[edit]

Viper Viper[edit]

  • Lowered Viper's base damage a little

Warlock Warlock[edit]

  • Lowered Warlock's movement speed by 10
  • Increased Rain of Chaos cooldown
  • Nerfed Shadow Word cast range, increased cooldown, and lowered damage per second

Weaver Weaver[edit]

Witch Doctor Witch Doctor[edit]