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Version 6.48b

[e][h]Version 6.48b
Version Information
Release Date:
  • Balance Changes
  • Bug Fixes


  • Changed terrain command to be a host entered game mode (-ts/-terrainsnow). Please advertise this when you are hosting a game, not everyone likes a different terrain.
  • Added some better feedback text to -swap


Bristleback Bristleback[edit]

  • Slightly lowered Bristleback's base armor

Dazzle Dazzle[edit]

Enigma Enigma[edit]

  • Increased Enigma's base armor

Faceless Void Faceless Void[edit]

Juggernaut Juggernaut[edit]

  • Increased Yurnero's base armor

Lycan Lycan[edit]

Magnus Magnus[edit]

Puck Puck[edit]

  • Lowered Puck's Intelligence gain per level
  • Slightly lowered Puck's movement speed
  • Increased cooldown on Waning Rift

Tidehunter Tidehunter[edit]

  • Increased Tidehunter's movement speed

Treant Protector Treant Protector[edit]

  • Increased Rooftrellen's Agility per level

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a bug when reloading saved game with Leshrac or Storm
  • Fixed a big but rare MAC only (PPC not Intel) bug relating to Abaddon
  • Fixed various Silence durations on non-hero units
  • Fixed converted ghouls' capacity to attack trees
  • Fixed a rare fatal issue with Aphotic Shield that could happen in -sh or with converted units
  • Fixed a typo in Sanity's Eclipse tooltip
  • Fixed fogged units not getting stunned from Dream Coil
  • Fixed game mode parser to not error "invalid game mode" when a non-gamemode option is entered before the game mode itself (like -weather snow before -ap for example)
  • Fixed Dragon Knight's revive name
  • Fixed Soul Assumption visual effect
  • Fixed a recent bug with Multicast Bloodlust
  • Fixed various other minor typos
  • Fixed damage type on Double Edge to deal magic damage instead of pure damage to yourself