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Version 6.52

[e][h]Version 6.52
Version Information
Release Date:
  • Balance Changes
  • Bug Fixes


  • Rewrote all item code and systems. It now supports things like properly tracking item ownerships, fusing recipes with a full inventory as well as fixing a lot of older miscellaneous bugs and usability issues, and setting groundwork for other things in the future
  • Fixed all Custom Key problems. All hotkeys in the game can now be properly remapped to any other hotkey
  • Map strings are now properly allocated to allow players with different language versions to play with each other without having to download multiple maps themselves. This means, for example, that you can play or watch games with your English version of the map with someone using a Chinese, Korean or Russian translated version of the map without any problems. The maps for the other languages will be posted on alongside the English version for each release
  • Lowered cast range on Neutral Dark Troll's Ensnare
  • Increased cooldown on Neutral Dark Troll's Raise Dead
  • Improved Lina's projectile and visuals (170933)
  • Added allied only overhead cast effect for Assassinate (203083)
  • Listed maximum targets for Wrath of Nature in the tooltip (212395)
  • Added special effect when Berserker's Blood is stacked at a high level (176376)
  • Added special overhead allied-only text to show duration while channeling Unstable Concoction (196859)
  • Added a sound effect when Culling Blade kills a hero
  • Added new Power Treads icons for the agility and intelligence versions (207886)
  • Added an allied-vision only visual effect for Weave (139374)
  • Lowered volume on creep horn sound
  • Improved Dragon's Tail's visual effect (192582)
  • Added a new visual effect for Soul Assumption
  • Improved King Leoric's visual effects (180737)
  • Changed Mana Void visual effects (211058)
  • Removed status buff icon for Hunter in the Night when it isn't affecting him
  • Puck and Clinkz now have a chance to get an alternate "fun name" like Ursa
  • XL Mode changed to have 4 hero removals per side instead of 3
  • Minimap now does a special ping to allied players when a unit uses Scroll of Teleportation or Boots of Travel
  • Improved Scroll of Teleportation code to armor enhance the building you are teleporting to when you click in the area instead of only when directly clicking on the target
  • Various other map performance optimizations
  • Added lots of music modes. You must have music enabled to use these. Use '-music xxx' where xxx is one of the following added options: off, random, nightelf1, nightelf2, nightelf3, human1, human2, human3, orc1, orc2, orc3, undead1, undead2, undead3, other1, other2, other3, other4, other5
  • Added a new mode -poolingmode(-pm) to allow pooling
  • -lvlup now allows a number after it to level up faster in test games
  • Reduced delay on End Game scoreboard for Sentinel victory
  • -roll without specified number now does it out of 100
  • Added command -list for use in -sd to show the pick options again
  • Changed follow allied unit range to move closer to the target
  • Restored and fixed previous issues with -unstuck
  • Added a time delayed warning message when the game is in -test mode (some people have been abusing private chat to activate it before using -ah to clear the screen in order to use test commands to cheat without anyone knowing)
  • Added commands -rollon and -rolloff in case people spam with roll. Default is on
  • Added single player commands -killall/-killsent/-killscourge (169041)
  • Added a new mode -observerinfo(-oi) to display extra information for game broadcasters/observers when you hover over player heroes
  • Initial creep waves in -ap now spawn 30 seconds later
  • Added single player test command -time xx to set the time of day
  • Improved the text display on courier death
  • Added a new single player or -test mode subcommand (-noherolimit) that lets you get multiple heroes, primarily for video editors that have been requesting it
  • New Invoker story from the contest (Ike_Ike)


Abaddon Abaddon[edit]

  • Increased Abaddon's movement speed slightly

Alchemist Alchemist[edit]

  • Scaled the movement bonus on Chemical Rage (lower at level 1, level 3 remains the same)

Beastmaster Beastmaster[edit]

  • Lowered movement speed on Beastmaster's Hawk
  • Increased Primal Roar cooldown by 10 seconds

Brewmaster Brewmaster[edit]

  • Improved cooldown progression on Primal Split
  • Increased Immolation damage on level 3 Primal Split's Fire panda
  • Increased cast range on Drunken Haze

Bristleback Bristleback[edit]

  • Lowered side angles on Bristleback
  • Increased AutoQuills release requirement on Bristleback from 200 to 300

Broodmother Broodmother[edit]

Dragon Knight Dragon Knight[edit]

  • Improved Elder Dragon Form attack animation
  • Undid a portion of the cooldown buff done on Elder Dragon Form last version
  • Reduced Dragon Knight's Breathe Fire mana cost

Doom Doom[edit]

  • Lowered Scepter upgraded Doom's cooldown

Faceless Void Faceless Void[edit]

  • Rewrote Time Walk to keep constant speed (so its not slow motion when you click nearby)
  • Lowered Faceless Void's strength gain
  • Improved Faceless Void's cast animation time

Huskar Huskar[edit]

  • Increased Huskar's attack range from 350 to 400
  • Improved Huskar's attack animation time slightly

Keeper of the Light Keeper of the Light[edit]

  • Lowered Will O' mana cost

Lone Druid Lone Druid[edit]

Magnus Magnus[edit]

Medusa Medusa[edit]

  • Increased level 2 and 3 Purge's damage to summoned unit
  • Lowered Medusa's attack animation time

Morphling Morphling[edit]

  • Agility Morph and Strength Morph can now be clicked on directly for one-time use
  • Morph interval is smoother when it levels (same overall rate though)

Necrophos Necrophos[edit]

Phantom Lancer Phantom Lancer[edit]

  • Improved initial AI on Dopplewalk image to make it less obvious when it's created

Puck Puck[edit]

  • Lowered Puck's attack range from 600 to 550

Pudge Pudge[edit]

Queen of Pain Queen of Pain[edit]

  • Sonic Wave cooldown no longer improves per level in non-scepter form
  • Scream of Pain mana cost is now constant on all levels

Riki Riki[edit]

  • Slightly reduced Riki's cast animation time

Sand King Sand King[edit]

  • Lowered Sand King's base armor

Sniper Sniper[edit]

Sven Sven[edit]

  • Lowered Sven's agility gain

Underlord Underlord[edit]

  • Dark Rift can now be cast by targeting minimap

Undying Undying[edit]

  • Improved cooldown progression on Soul Rip
  • Lowered Living Dead bounty and increased their magic resistance

Warlock Warlock[edit]

  • Changed Fatal Bonds from damage to HP loss (numbers adjusted to keep it at the same effectiveness)

Weaver Weaver[edit]


  • Items now have muted form when carried by non-owner (aside from a few exceptions like regeneration and leaver items). -pm can be used if you want to allow pooling in your games
  • Improved basic item's descriptions layout and presentation (133979)

Armlet of Mordiggian Armlet of Mordiggian[edit]

  • Increased HP loss rate when Armlet is activated

Black King Bar Black King Bar[edit]

  • Lowered Black King Bar duration slightly

Blades of Attack Blades of Attack[edit]

  • Added Blades of Attack to the Goblin Shop

Bottle Bottle[edit]

  • Increased the Fountain's bottle autofilling range

Diffusal Blade Diffusal Blade[edit]

  • Increased Diffusal Blade's agility bonus by 5 (carries through to Manta Style)

Flying Courier Flying Courier[edit]

  • Flying Courier cannot carry Observer Wards from enemy base
  • Flying Courier can no longer carry Aegis

Hand of Midas Hand of Midas[edit]

  • Lowered transmute bounty on previously untransmutable creeps (lvl 6)

Sange and Yasha Sange and Yasha[edit]

  • Changed Sange and Yasha recipe costs and bonuses it gives as well as fixing some minor inaccuracies with it

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a fatal error problem when upgrading Flying Courier after reloading from saved game
  • Fixed some overhead text effects that would show through fog of war
  • Fixed a bug when either of Rot, Sand Storm or Storm Seeker are in the same area
  • Rewrote Juxtapose and Dopplewalk image creation to fix a rare minor bug
  • Fixed a minor bug with moving Lothar's Edge while not in cooldown
  • Fixed an exploit with Lanaya
  • Fixed Phantom Edge to properly stack with Magic Resistance like the others
  • Fixed a bug with Primal Roar that could occur when used on blinkers
  • Fixed a control loss issue in recent versions with Sand King when Burrowstriking
  • Rewrote Reverse Polarity to fix some rare issues with it stunning but not pulling
  • Fixed some minor bugs with Assassinate
  • Fixed World Tree and Frozen Throne towers not sharing bounty with allies
  • Fixed Sand Storm not affecting sleeping neutrals properly
  • Fixed the interruption requirement to leveling up Storm Seeker
  • Fixed a minor bug with the damage of Invoker's Tornado not syncing accurately with the cyclone effect
  • Fixed a minor bug with Dagger and Aegis creating blank dummy items in base
  • Fixed Centaur's Return from triggering off on ally attack order
  • Fixed a rare issue with not properly creating Haunt images (DonTomaso)