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Version 6.63

[e][h]Version 6.63
Version Information
Release Date:
  • Balance Changes
  • Bug Fixes


  • New Loadscreen by Kunkka
  • Implemented HCL protocol for game hosting bots to control game modes
  • Spanish and German (re-released) languages now available
  • A message is now displayed when a hero buys back
  • Added -int command to see how much Intelligence you have stolen with Silencer
  • Clarity Potion now uses a unit targeting system
  • Cooldown added to disassemble to prevent some abuses
  • Day and Night cycle is synchronized across all game modes now
  • Glyph cooldown is now reset on initial creep spawn
  • Lag when picking Huskar decreased
  • Weaver's attack range buffer increased to prevent misfires on Geminate Attack
  • Window for killstreak sounds increased (double, triple, ultra and rampage) from 13.5 to 18 seconds
  • Improved Aghanim's Scepter tooltip
  • Changed granite golem's color (12095)
  • Corrected various typos and misc inconsistencies
  • Corrected PotM leap tooltip
  • Corrected Circle selection height on Bat Rider
  • Removed the visual effect zombies received when targeting low hp targets
  • Removed Plague visual effect on non-hero units to help reduce visual clutter
  • Added visual animation on Raxes 7 seconds before new creeps spawn (16268)
  • Added a lot more fun names (5464)
  • Added a visual effect to reveal the AoE for Dark Rift (21115)
  • Added visual indicator when you gain a strength point with Flesh Heap (18010)
  • Added a new visual effect for Land Mine explosions (9043)
  • Added a new visual effect for Mystic Snake (PGRUnexpected)
  • Added a sound effect to Mystic Snake
  • Added a new icon for Mystic Snake (9868)
  • Added a new icon for Natural Order (5462)
  • Added a new aura for Natural Order (5467)
  • Added Natural Order aura on TC's spirit
  • Added a new icon for Power Shot
  • Added a new icon for Repel (8875)
  • Added a new animation for Storm Bolt (13541)
  • Added a new icon for Split Shot (9868)
  • Added a new icon for Stone Gaze (9868)
  • Added a new icon for Tidebringer


Abaddon Abaddon[edit]

Anti-Mage Anti-Mage[edit]

  • Mana Void AoE increased from 275 to 325
  • Strength changed from 16 +1.5 to 20 +1.2

Axe Axe[edit]

  • Battle Hunger duration reduced from 10/15/20/25 to 10/13/16/19 and increased damage to keep the same total damage output

Bane Bane[edit]

  • Fiend's Grip mana cost increased from 100/175/250 to 200/300/400

Batrider Batrider[edit]

  • Reduced base damage from 64-70 to 48-52
  • Sticky Napalm fixed from doing a higher constant slow instead of stacking and starting lower
  • Sticky Napalm mana cost increased from 15 to 20

Beastmaster Beastmaster[edit]

  • Greater Hawk invisibility increased from 4 to 6 seconds duration

Bloodseeker Bloodseeker[edit]

  • Base armor reduced by 2 points

Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter[edit]

  • Imported a custom model for him that has his selection box fixed

Brewmaster Brewmaster[edit]

  • Fire Panda now has maximum movement speed

Bristleback Bristleback[edit]

  • Warpath attack speed increase changed to bonus damage (10/20/30 base with 4/8/12 bonus per stack)

Broodmother Broodmother[edit]

  • Insatiable Hunger lifesteal increased from 40/55/70% to 40/60/80%
  • Insatiable Hunger duration increased from 12 to 14 seconds

Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner[edit]

  • Double Edge mana cost removed
  • Double Edge can no longer cause a suicide

Chaos Knight Chaos Knight[edit]

  • Phantasm cooldown decreased from 180 to 180/160/140

Clinkz Clinkz[edit]

  • Strafe changed from 50/60/70/80 AS for 10 seconds to 90 AS for 4/6/8/10 seconds

Clockwerk Clockwerk[edit]

Dark Seer Dark Seer[edit]

  • Ion Shell mana cost increased from 60/80/100/120 to 70/90/110/130
  • Wall of Replica no longer replicates allies
  • Wall of Replica now deals 125 damage each time it affects an enemy hero
  • Wall of Replica illusions damage improved from 35% to 60%

Drow Ranger Drow Ranger[edit]

  • Attack range increased from 600 to 625

Earthshaker Earthshaker[edit]

  • Echo Slam now deals half bonus damage from corpses instead of full

Elder Titan Elder Titan[edit]

  • Ancestral Spirit cast range decreased from 1500 to 1000
  • Earth Splitter AoE decreased
  • Earth Splitter cooldown increased from 90/75/60 to a constant 100

Enchantress Enchantress[edit]

  • Strength growth decreased from 2 to 1

Huskar Huskar[edit]

Juggernaut Juggernaut[edit]

Keeper of the Light Keeper of the Light[edit]

  • Illuminate max range is now constant at all levels

Templar Assassin Templar Assassin[edit]

  • Strength growth increased from 1.7 to 2.1

Lich Lich[edit]

  • Movement speed increased by 10

Lina Lina[edit]

  • Base intelligence increased by 5 points and reduced base damage by 5 (total attack damage unchanged)

Lone Druid Lone Druid[edit]

  • Spirit Bear entangle no longer prevents the target from attacking
  • Spirit Bear entangle damage increased from 40/sec to 60/sec

Luna Luna[edit]

  • Lucent Beam now has a constant 0.6 ministun instead of 0.01/0.1/0.3/0.6

Magnus Magnus[edit]

Mirana Mirana[edit]

  • Starfall random chance to hit in 600-900 range removed

Morphling Morphling[edit]

  • Morph's passive Agility and Strength bonus removed

Naga Siren Naga Siren[edit]

  • Mirror Image illusion count changed from 1/2/3/3 images to a constant 3
  • Mirror Image illusion damage taken changed from 300% to 600/500/400/300%
  • Mirror Image illusion damaged dealt changed from 15/30/30/45% to 30/35/40/45%

Nature's Prophet Nature's Prophet[edit]

Night Stalker Night Stalker[edit]

  • Void now slows for 2 seconds during daytime

Nyx Assassin Nyx Assassin[edit]

Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin[edit]

Phantom Lancer Phantom Lancer[edit]

  • Juxtapose image lifetime increased from 15 to 20 seconds

Puck Puck[edit]

Pugna Pugna[edit]

Queen of Pain Queen of Pain[edit]

Razor Razor[edit]

  • Base strength increased from 17 to 21

Sand King Sand King[edit]

  • Sand Storm cooldown from 40/35/30/25 to 40/30/20/10

Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman[edit]

Silencer Silencer[edit]

  • Curse of the Silent duration changed from 2/4/6/8 to 5/6/7/8
  • Curse of the Silent damage/burn reduced from 50/25 hp/mp to 20/10, 30/15, 40/20 and 50/25.
  • Curse of the Silent cooldown reduced from 20 to 14
  • Curse of the Silent mana cost decreased from 105/115/125/135 to 75/95/115/135

Sniper Sniper[edit]

Sven Sven[edit]

  • Base agility increased from 16 to 21

Tiny Tiny[edit]

Treant Protector Treant Protector[edit]

  • Attack range changed from 100 to 128

Troll Warlord Troll Warlord[edit]

  • Battle Trance attack speed bonus increased from 60/80/100 to 60/100/140

Undying Undying[edit]

  • Dying plagued units heal reduced from 12%/3% on heroes/creeps to 6%/2%
  • Tombstone armor reduced from 10 to 4

Ursa Ursa[edit]

  • Fury Swipes damage increased from 6/12/18/24 ➜ 10/15/20/25

Viper Viper[edit]

  • Movement speed decreased by 10

Weaver Weaver[edit]

Witch Doctor Witch Doctor[edit]

Zeus Zeus[edit]

  • Agility decreased from 15 + 1.7 to 11 + 1.2


Blink Dagger Blink Dagger[edit]

  • Cooldown decreased from 18 to 14

Bloodstone Bloodstone[edit]

  • Charge bonus and acquisition reworked

Boots of Travel Boots of Travel[edit]

  • Movement speed increased from 90 to 95

Dagon Dagon[edit]

  • Mana cost reduced from 245/225/205/185/165 ➜ 180/160/140/120/100

Energy Booster Energy Booster[edit]

  • Now available for purchase in the side shops

Euls Scepter of Divinity Eul's Scepter of Divinity[edit]

  • Movement bonus increased from 20 to 25
  • Now requires a sobi mask instead of a Robe of the Magi (100% Mana regen ➜ 125%, 16 Int➜10 Int, 125 cheaper recipe)

Force Staff Force Staff[edit]

  • Mana cost decreased from 100 to 25
  • Cooldown decreased from 30 to 25

Heart of Tarrasque Heart of Tarrasque[edit]

  • Regenerates only while you are out of combat (haven't taken damage from player units for 10 seconds)
  • Regeneration increased from 1% to 2%

Magic Wand Magic Wand[edit]

  • Recipe cost increased from 125 to 150

Mask of Madness Mask of Madness[edit]

  • Increased attack speed from 75 to 100
  • Increased move speed from 15% to 20%
  • Increased damage taken from 20% to 30%
  • Amplified damage happens as you take the damage once again

Mjollnir Mjollnir[edit]

  • Recipe changed from Eaglehorn to Hyperstone, bonuses adjusted

Orchid Malevolence Orchid Malevolence[edit]

  • Reduced mana cost from 200 to 100

Phase Boots Phase Boots[edit]

  • Recipe and bonuses reworked

Pipe of Insight Pipe of Insight[edit]

  • Recipe uses Headdress of Rejuvenation instead of Buckler (Loses armor bonus)
  • Can no longer affect the same unit more than once every 50 seconds

Power Treads Power Treads[edit]

  • Recipe and bonuses reworked

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed more bugs with sticky napalm
  • Fixed Tangos, Bottle and Magic Stick/Wand from triggering last word
  • Fixed Vladmir's damage aura having smaller AoE than the lifesteal aura
  • Fixed Euls movement bonus not getting set correctly if you buy any boot items after euls
  • Added an optimized version of the Dark Rift effect to improve performance (PGRu-Unexpect3D)
  • Fixed Eyes in the Forest no longer scaling as it used to before the recent change
  • Fixed Cranium Basher shop hotkey conflicting with Manta Style
  • Fixed a bug with triggering illuminate while in spirit form very near the end of its duration
  • Fixed Fissure to be properly interrupted if the user cancels the action or gets disabled before cast point is reached