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Version 6.66b

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[e][h]Version 6.66b
Version Information
Release Date:
  • Balance Changes
  • Bug Fixes


  • Recoded Bounty Hunter's Shadow Walk damage bonus as to not require two separate attacks to trigger his new passive
  • -unlock now requires a majority vote before the gold and items of a leaver will be released. As a reminder, once a hero is unlocked, it cannot be switched
  • Added a 15 second wait period before the drafting begins in -CD to give both teams a chance to look at the heroes
  • Renamed the control on/off commands to be clearer which is which. They are now -disableselection (-ds) and -enableselection (-es)
  • Added replay data for creep kills/denies (at time intervals, format: CSK+I2S (PlayerID), value and CSD+I2S (PlayerID), value)
  • Various map optimizations


Doom Doom[edit]

  • Reduced base armor by 2
  • Reduced base movement speed by 10
  • Increased Scorched Earth cooldown from 60/50/40/30 to 60/55/50/45


Divine Rapier Divine Rapier[edit]

  • Readjusted the Divine Rapier pickup rules to prevent some abuses:
    • If the first time the item is lost from its original owner it is picked up by an allied hero, it becomes muted (no damage) until it returns to its owner
    • It has the same rules as the previous version when an enemy is carrying it
  • Here are the complete rapier rules to clarify:
    • "Original Rapier" has two modes, active and muted. It is active (bonus damage, droppable) when carried by the owner and muted (no damage, droppable) when carried by an ally
    • "Free Rapier" is the item state that occurs when an enemy acquires it. This is a permanent transformation for the item. It will always provide bonus damage and will always be undroppable, regardless of how it switches sides back and forth afterwards. This is the same as the previous patch
  • Summary: The primary change that is done here is that a hero cannot intentionally pool the rapier to his ally

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a major exploit recently discovered
  • Fixed an old recipe fusing exploit with leaver items that could result in crashes
  • Fixed Essence Shift on units that change form
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with Dark Pact debuff
  • Fixed various tooltips
  • Fixed gold not being split after using -unlock when someone leaves via -kickafk
  • Fixed being able to -unlock while a switch vote is ongoing
  • Fixed some spells incorrectly triggering Magic Stick/Essence Aura (Devoured Neutral Troll Priests Heal, Radiance Swap, etc)
  • Fixed some -CD language text issues as well as some missing parser information
  • Fixed Arcane Ring recipe purchase hotkey
  • Fixed some potential Basher bugs on some levels of Spirit Bear
  • Fixed an abuse possible with one hero carrying multiple Urn of Shadows
  • Fixed the second Forged Spirit from being added to your control despite having control helper turned off
  • Fixed a bug with -switch when you have Rapier (that you don't own) on you
  • Fixed a few other misc minor bugs