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Version 7.15

[e][h]Version 7.15
Version Information
Release Date:
  • Bounty Runes now take longer to spawn and always grant gold to the entire team
  • Lane Creep bounties reduced
  • Roshan damage and health buffed
  • Tower denies now deny all their gold

General Changes[edit]

Bounty Runes[edit]

  • Now spawn every 5 minutes
  • Now grants gold to each player (40 + 3/min)
  • Now fully fills bottles

Lane Creeps[edit]

  • Melee Creeps base gold bounty reduced by 2
  • Range Creeps base gold bounty reduced by 1
  • Range Creeps gold bounty increase per upgrade changed from 1 to 3 (With these changes, the total gold difference on the map at 40 minutes is 2052 less gold)

Neutral Creeps[edit]

  • Neutral camp stack bounty increased from 20% to 25%
  • Roshan slam damage growth increased from 8 per minute to 10
  • Roshan base damage increased from 65 to 75
  • Roshan base health increased from 5500 to 6000


  • Melee Barracks team bounty reduced from 225 to 175
  • Tower denies now remove all gold instead of just half (previously it gave 50/60/70/80 for tier 1/2/3/4 denies)
  • Ancient HP regen increased from 8 to 12

Map Changes[edit]

  • Removed a tree to the bottom right of the dire mid lane, near the map ledge
  • Minor adjustments to the position of the powerup runes
  • Reduced spawn box sizes for a few of Dire neutral spawns
  • Removed a tree to the right of the bottom Radiant bounty rune
  • Moved the bottom Dire T1 tower slightly down
  • Moved the bottom Dire bounty rune slightly to the right
  • Moved the bottom Dire shrine location slightly down
  • Moved the top Dire T1 slightly to the right
  • Slight adjustments to the line of sight and trees to the left of the mid Dire T1
  • Ranged creeps now always spawn behind the melee creeps

Captains Mode[edit]

  • Round time increased from 30 to 35
  • Second ban phase order changed from 2nd/1st/2nd/1st to 1st/2nd/1st/2nd


Animal Courier Animal Courier[edit]

  • Ground Courier bounty reduced from 175 to 125 (Flying Courier is still 175)

Bottle Bottle[edit]

  • Heal rate increased from 80/40 HP/MP to 100/50

Observer Ward Observer Ward[edit]

  • Restock cooldown reduced from 150 to 135
  • Cost reduced from 80 to 75

Enchanted Mango Enchanted Mango[edit]

  • HP regen reduced from 0.7 to 0.6


  • Agility heroes base strength increased by 1
  • Intelligence heroes base intelligence reduced by 2, except for Bane Bane (base damage adjusted to remain the same)

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