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Line of sight!

Vision is a gameplay mechanic which determines what a unit can and cannot see. Areas a unit cannot see are filled with the Fog of War, the dark places of the map where no ally currently has vision of. Unit vision is written in a Day / Night format. If a unit has 1800 vision range during the day and 800 vision range at night, it will be written as 1800 / 800.

Invisible units cannot be seen normally, and must be spotted by a unit with True Sight.

Fog of War[edit]

All areas outside of allied vision become covered in the fog of war. Any enemy units within the fog of war cannot be seen or targeted, unless affected by Bloodseeker's Thirst in which you can.

To reveal units in the fog of war, an allied unit or ability must gain vision in that area. Observer Wards can provide vision in a large area to their team. The Roshan pit has a deep fog that cannot be seen into unless there is an ally inside it or a unit has flying vision.

If a unit in the fog of war attacks an enemy that does not have vision of them, the attacker will be revealed for a few seconds.

Day and Night cycle[edit]

Most units have different vision ranges for the day and night cycle. Generally, units see a lot farther during the day than they do at night. Most heroes have 1800 vision range during the day, and 800 at night, though there are several exceptions. This makes ganking more viable at night, because heroes can get much closer without being detected.

Below is a table of all exceptions to the 1800 / 800 hero vision rule:

Hero Day Vision Night Vision Notes
Batrider 1200 800 Permanent
Bounty Hunter 1800 1000 Permanent
Luna 1800 1800* Luna obtains 1800 night vision permanently after leveling Lunar Blessing
Lycan 1800 1800* Lycan obtains 1800 night vision while Shapeshift is active
Night Stalker 800 1800 Permanent
Slardar 1800 1800* With level 20 talent
Slark 1800 1800 Permanent
Sniper 1800 1400 Permanent
Spirit Breaker 1800 1400* With level 10 talent
Winter Wyvern 1800 1200(1600)* Winter Wyvern obtains 1200 night vision while Arctic Burn is active and an permanent 400 extra night vision with level 15 talent

Vision Types[edit]

Ground Vision[edit]

This is the default for most units. They cannot see areas that are on higher ground than themselves, and units on higher ground receive unobstructed vision below. Trees will also block vision, and can be used to escape enemies by running through small gaps in between them. Trees can be cut down or destroyed to no longer block vision.

Sources of ground vision from spells:

Flying Vision[edit]

This provides unobstructed vision at all levels of elevation. A unit with flying vision can see the high ground above them, and will not have their vision blocked by trees.

Sources of flying vision from spells:

Shared Vision[edit]

Shared vision provides an area of vision over an enemy unit equal to that enemy unit's vision range.

Sources of shared vision:

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Disruptor Thunder Strike
Lifestealer Infest
Razor Static Link
Silencer Last Word
Sniper Assassinate
Spirit Breaker Charge of Darkness

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