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Player Information
Niklas Högström
April 7, 1989 (age 33)
Years Active (Player):
2012 - 2019,
Current Role:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Hero:
Templar Assassin Meepo Queen of Pain
2010-02-13 — 2011-09-07
2011-09-07 — 2011-12-21
Dota 2:
2011-09-07 — 2011-12-21
2011-12-21 — 2012-09-12
2012-09-12 — 2012-10-18
2012-10-18 — 2013-01-07
2013-02-01 — 2014-01-27
2015-05-05 — 2015-08-19
2015-09-02 — 2015-10-08
2016-09-11 — 2016-10-17
2016-10-14 — Present
Complexity (Streamer)
2016-10-21 — 2017-01-??
2017-09-?? — 2018-08-13

Niklas "Wagamama" Högström is a Swedish Dota 2 streamer and former professional player who last played for LeftOneTV.



Wagamama started playing Dota in 2004 on an amateur level.[1] He made his name in the competitive scene captaining an all-Swedish squad, consisting of, among others Mini, smulgullig and panterspot, who were picked up by "Druidz" in early 2010.[2] In a scene where teams jumped from sponsor to sponsor on a monthly basis, the Druidz squad stayed with their sponsor for more than one and a half years before they finally parted in September 2011.[3] The squad took the name "Emocore" (EMC) and went looking for a sponsor as they transitioned into Dota 2 during Autumn 2011.[3]

Dota 2[edit]

Emocore's search for a sponsor was concluded when Infused picked them up on December 21st, 2011. The squad consisted of Wagamama, Mini, Reesion, EGM aka Doney and Fishbone. On September 12th, 2012, after almost a year, the team left Infused and became known as Skånes Elit[4] until they were picked up by Pulse eSports on October 18th, 2012.[5] After a short sponsorship run with Pulse eSports the team disbanded.[6]

A month later, in February 2013, QPAD announced a Dota 2 team led by Wagamama and SingSing called QPAD Dragons, who shortly afterwards changed their name to QPAD Red Pandas.[7]

On October 14th 2016, he joined compLexity Gaming as a streamer.[8]


  • He released a YouTube video about a succinct summary of each hero on the 12th September 2016.[9]
  • Has released a number of guides for beginners or amateur-level players, including this one for players that want to improve their understanding of the game.
  • Wagamama or 我がまま means "selfishness" in Japanese.[10][11][12]


2018-07-242ndA2Tier 3Dota 2 Summer CupDota 2 Summer CupLeftOneTVLeftOneTVLeftOneTV0 : 3Akatsuki ClanAkatsuki Clan$2,000
2015-09-193rd - 4thA2Tier 3Elimination ModeElimination ModeElimination ModeElimination ModeROOT GamingROOT GamingROOT Gaming0 : 2Digital ChaosDigital Chaos$1,000
2015-07-061stA2Tier 3Game Show InvitationalGame Show Invitational4 Clover & Lepricon4 Clover & Lepricon4 Clover & Lepricon3 : 0Burden UnitedBurden United$7,000
2015-06-305th - 8thA0Tier 1Esportal Dota 2 LeagueEsportal Dota 2 League4 Clover & Lepricon4 Clover & Lepricon4 Clover & Lepricon1 : 24 Anchors + SC4 Anchors + SC$1,600
2015-06-131stA4MonthlyMSI Dragon Battle #6MSI Dragon BattleMSI Dragon BattleMSI Dragon Battle #64 Clover & Lepricon4 Clover & Lepricon4 Clover & Lepricon2 : 1sQreen's SquadsQreen's Squad$1,686
2015-05-201stA4MonthlyGIGABYTE Challenge #15GIGABYTE ChallengeGIGABYTE ChallengeGIGABYTE Challenge #154 Clover & Lepricon4 Clover & Lepricon4 Clover & Lepricon2 : 0ALTERNATE aTTaXALTERNATE aTTaX$1,672
2013-03-261stA2Tier 3SK Trophy #1SK Trophy #1QPAD Red PandasQPAD Red PandasQPAD Red Pandas3 : 2Absolute LegendsAbsolute Legends$1,000
2012-10-214thA0Tier 1StarLadder StarSeries Season 3StarLadder StarSeriesStarLadder StarSeriesStarLadder StarSeries Season 3Pulse eSportsPulse eSportsPulse eSports0 : 2Team EmpireTeam Empire$2,000
2012-10-036thA6QualifierStarLadder StarSeries Season 3: Round RobinStarLadder StarSeriesStarLadder StarSeriesStarLadder StarSeries Season 3: Round RobinSkånes ElitSkånes ElitSkånes Elit10/-/5Grp S.$400
2012-02-022ndA2Tier 3D2E ChallengeD2E ChallengeTeam InfusedTeam InfusedTeam Infused1 : 2DD.DotaDD.Dota$655
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