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World Electronic Sports Games 2016

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[e][h]World Electronic Sports Games 2016
League Information
China Changzhou
Prize Pool:
$1,500,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:



  • Group Stage
    • Four groups of six teams each
    • Round-Robin
    • First place teams go straight to the quarterfinals
    • Bottom three teams of each group are eliminated
  • Playoffs
    • Single-Elimination
    • Best-of-three series

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Host:
    • Peru Ndree (Andree Santillán)
  • Commentators:

1 Peru Ndree was invited to cover the event, meanwhile GamerStudio talents officialy broadcast the event. [1]

Prize Pool[edit]

$1,500,000 USD was spread among the teams as seen below.


1 ex-The Imperial players played under the name Danish Bears.
2 Danish Bears is acquired by Cloud9.
3 Team X-BET is ex-Ne RusЬ.
4 NoLifer5.Reborn is acquired by MVP, becoming MVP Revolution.


Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A preview
1. 3-2-0 11p
2. Team DileComTeam DileCom Team DileCom 2-3-0 9p
3. MVP RevolutionMVP Revolution MVP Revolution 2-2-1 8p
4. HordeHorde Horde 1-4-0 7p
5. Bravado GamingBravado Gaming Bravado Gaming 1-0-4 3p
6. T ShowT Show T Show 0-1-4 1p

Group B[edit]

Group B preview
1. Cloud9Cloud9 Cloud9 4-1-0 13p
2. SG e-sportsSG e-sports SG e-sports 3-2-0 11p
3. RomaniaRomania Romania 1-3-1 6p
4. Fantastic FiveFantastic Five Fantastic Five 1-2-2 5p
5. Team X-BETTeam X-BET Team X-BET 1-1-3 4p
6. VulturVultur Vultur 0-1-4 1p

Group C[edit]

Group C preview
1. AllianceAlliance Alliance1 4-1-0 13p
2. DUOBAO YoungDUOBAO Young DUOBAO Young1 4-1-0 13p
3. Dark PassageDark Passage Dark Passage2 2-0-3 6p
4. s1 Lykoss1 Lykos s1 Lykos2 2-0-3 6p
5. AboshamalahAboshamalah Aboshamalah2 2-0-3 6p
6. Team One EcuadorTeam One Ecuador Team One Ecuador 0-0-5 0p
1 Alliance gained first seed due to time rating.
2 Dark Passage secures the third spot due to time rating.

Group D[edit]

Group D preview
1. TNC Pro TeamTNC Pro Team TNC Pro Team1 3-1-1 10p
2. InfamousInfamous Infamous1 3-1-1 10p
3. MAX.YMAX.Y MAX.Y 2-2-1 8p
4. UkraineUkraine Ukraine 1-3-1 6p
5. ComancheComanche Comanche 0-3-2 3p
6. Signature.TrustSignature.Trust Signature.Trust 0-2-3 2p