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[e][h] XBOCT
Player Information
Олександр Дашкевич
Romanized Name:
Alexander Dashkevich
December 29, 1990 (1990-12-29) (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
Hvost, Sasha Grey, Xbox, 4, XBOCTloveslakshmi
Signature Hero:
Lifestealer Gyrocopter Anti Mage
Approx. Total Earnings:
2009-??-?? — 2010-??-??
2010-10-22 — 2015-10-16
2015-12-07 — 2016-03-01
2016-03-27 — 2016-05-11
2016-05-11 — 2016-08-01
2017-03-04 — 2017-05-18
2017-07-30 — 2018-09-01
Natus Vincere (Coach)

Alexander "XBOCT" (pronounced hwoʊst) Dashkevich is a former professional Dota 2 player.



XBOCT was in Planet-X's DotA team in 2009 along with the likes of Axypa, Amsi, Jerry and Chief. However, a loss to DTS shattered the team, as the team had to take in 2 replacements. After their disappointing performance in following tournaments, the team went into inactivity and parted ways.

Dota 2[edit]

XBOCT returned to DotA by joining Natus Vincere's newly formed DotA team in 2010, achieving a surprise result through beating the ten top Ukrainian team DTS-Gaming in a showmatch.

Near the end of 2010, Na`Vi was joined by Artstyle and Dendi, which promptly boosted them to the top of the DotA scene. Na`Vi first participated in ASUS Autumn 2010, in which they only achieved 3rd place. In 2011 XBOCT and Na'Vi gained global fame by winning The International 2011.[1]

After also falling to Moscow Five in OSPL Spring, Na`Vi won their first gold in ES-Area's championship, and proceeded to win the next few ASUS tournaments. Despite their change in roster prior to The International, Na`Vi went undefeated in the group stages and defeated EHOME 3-1 in the finals. XBOCT had to play Mirana in almost every game in the said tournament. Na`Vi continued their good form into Electronic Sports World Cup 2011, where they also defeated EHOME in the finals and made one of the most unexpected comebacks of the year against Monkey in the Semi-finals. However, their trip to the World DotA Championship in China did not fare well, as they were knocked out by DK in the quarter-finals. They bounced back to place 2nd in Dota 2 Star Championship, losing in the finals to Russian mix The Retry.

After an initial dip in performances, Na`Vi eventually picked up their pace in February 2012, winning both The Premier League and The Defense in the space of a few days.

In March of 2017, he became the first esports player signed by Russian football club FC Anji. [2]

In July of 2017, he became a coach for Na`Vi.


  • XBOCT is the Latin version of the Russian word хвост, which means tail, referencing his old ponytail.[3]
  • Casting Studio Beyond The Summit rated XBOCT 4/10 in their Alienware Cup (2013) preshow skill-rating polygon. Na`Vi then went on to win the tournament against the top Chinese teams, at a time when Chinese Dota was widely acknowledged as supreme.
  • Thanks to being the core player of Natus Vincere - arguably the most accomplished Dota2 team up to date - since The International, XBOCT is tied with Puppey and Dendi for 1st place on the Liquipedia's list of most accomplished players based on premier tournaments top results.


2015-12-06AA1stA0PremierGame Show Global eSports Cup Season 1Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1Team Empire3 : 1$125,000
2014-11-02AA1stA0PremierDota 2 Champions League Season 4Dota 2 Champions League Season 4Natus Vincere3 : 0$38,118
2014-07-19GA7 - 8thA0PremierThe International 2014The InternationalThe International 2014Natus Vincere1 : 2$518,889
2014-04-15AA1stA0PremierDota 2 Champions League Season 2Dota 2 Champions League Season 2Natus Vincere3 : 1$61,500
2014-01-19AA1stA0PremierStarLadder StarSeries Season 8StarLadderStarLadder StarSeries Season 8Natus Vincere3 : 1$62,000
2013-11-30AA1stA0PremierDreamLeague Kick-Off SeasonDreamLeagueDreamLeague Kick-Off SeasonNatus Vincere3 : 0$25,000
2013-08-11BA2ndA0PremierThe International 2013The InternationalThe International 2013Natus Vincere2 : 3$632,364
2013-07-09AA1stA0PremierAlienware Cup 2013 - Season 1Alienware Cup 2013 - Season 1Natus Vincere3 : 2$25,000
2012-09-02BA2ndA0PremierThe International 2012The InternationalThe International 2012Natus Vincere1 : 3$250,000
2011-08-21AA1stA0PremierThe International 2011The InternationalThe International 2011Natus Vincere3 : 1$1,000,000
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Date Placement LP Tier Tournament Team Results Prize
2018-06-052018-06-05 B313 - 16th A1Premier China Dota2 Supermajor 1 : 2 $15,000
2018-05-032018-05-03 B111 - 12th A1Premier EPICENTER XL 2/-/3 Grp. S. $5,000
2018-04-152018-04-15 A55 - 6th A2Major StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5 1 : 2 $15,000
2018-03-182018-03-18 A33 - 4th A2Major GESC: Indonesia Dota2 Minor 0 : 2 $35,000
2018-01-252018-01-25 A77 - 8th A2Major ESL One Genting 2018 0 : 2 $8,000
2017-12-102017-12-10 A33 - 4th A2Major MDL Macau 0 : 2 $30,000
2017-12-022017-12-02 A44th A1Premier DreamLeague Season 8 0 : 2 $70,000
2017-11-222017-11-22 A11st A2Major Adrenaline Cyber League 3 : 1 $65,000
2017-10-212017-10-21 A77 - 8th A2Major PGL Open Bucharest 1 : 2 $7,500
2017-10-142017-10-14 A55 - 6th A2Major StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 3 0 : 2 $15,000
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Date Tier Tournament Position Partner List
2019-06-16 A2Major StarLadder StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 Commentator
2019-03-24 A1Premier DreamLeague DreamLeague Season 11 Analysts/Commentator
2019-01-27 A1Premier Chongqing Major/2019 The Chongqing Major Analyst
2018-11-18 A1Premier PGL/Kuala Lumpur Major The Kuala Lumpur Major Analyst/Cocaster
2018-08-25 A1Premier The International The International 2018 Analyst
2018-07-29 A2Major DOTA Summit 9 Panelist/Caster
2017-08-12 A1Premier The International The International 2017 Analyst
2017-06-11 A1Premier EPICENTER EPICENTER 2017 Analyst
2016-12-10 A1Premier Dota Major Championships The Boston Major 2016 Analyst
2016-08-13 A1Premier The International The International 2016 Analyst
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