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[e][h]LGD GamingLGD Gaming xiao8
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Zhang Ning
January 11, 1989 (age 35)
East Asia East Asia
Years Active (Player):
2011 - 2021,
2024 - Present
Current Role:
Director 8
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Hero:
Doom Nature's Prophet Beastmaster
2011-08-02 — 2011-08-09
2011-08-09 — 2014-02-19
2014-02-23 — 2014-07-29Newbee
2014-12-31 — 2015-03-08Big God
2015-03-08 — 2015-08-26LGD Gaming
2015-08-26 — 2016-09-17LGD Gaming(Sub)
2016-09-17 — 2017-01-03LGD.Forever Young
2017-01-10 — 2018-01-02Newbee Boss
2018-01-02 — 2018-05-25Big God
2018-05-25 — 2020-09-16EHOME(C.)
2020-09-16 — PresentLGD Gaming(C.)
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches

Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Zhang "xiao8" Ning (born January 11, 1989) is a Chinese Dota 2 player who is currently coaching LGD Gaming.


Xiao8 begun his professional career in September 2010 playing in Dream alongside Yao, DD, Li and SJQ.[1]

Dota 2[edit]

In early 2011 Xiao8 joined Catastrophic Cruel Memories along with Zhou, Ferrari 430 and ddc. After some success Xiao8 and his teammates moved to Invictus Gaming in a $6 million deal.[2] However the team failed to perform in The International 2011, and following a defeat to Tyloo at the World Cyber Games 2011 Xiao8 and ddc moved to LGD Gaming.[3] In LGD Gaming Xiao8 played the offlane prior to and during The International 2012, but afterwards played the solo mid role, up until his departure from the team.[4]

Xiao8 was then rumored to be part of a "Chinese Dream Team",[5] and it was later confirmed that he was acquired, along with Hao, by Newbee for approximately $100,000 USD,[6] joining KingJ, ZSMJ, and Mu. Xiao8 would start off in the support role, until ZSMJ and KingJ were replaced by Banana and Sansheng, delegating the offlane to Xiao8. This team would go on to win The International 2014, despite almost being eliminated in the group stages. On July 29th, Xiao8 announced his break from professional play on his Weibo.[7]

Following the conclusion of his playing career, Xiao8 moved into coaching for EHOME and later PSG.LGD, with whom he won the Animajor 2021 and finished runner up at The International 2021.


  • He chose the name Xiao8 because Xiao1-7 were not available.[8]
  • Xiao8 married Chinese model Jie Zhao after meeting her on a Chinese game show,[9] after initially failing to woo any of the women on the show he re-appeared in a later episode and secured a date. In 2015, the two officially announced their divorce after being separated for an extended period.[10]


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