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Hashtag United is an British YouTube-based football club and esports organization that was founded in 2016. They gained notability due to recording their matches, making videos around them and posting them to their player/manager, Spencer Owen's YouTube channel, known as Spencer FC, which has just under 1.9 million subscribers.


In 2016 Hashtag United appointed their first ever eSports player when Harry Hesketh won the Spencer FC Game Academy series. Since then Harry has gone on to represent Hashtag United in various online FIFA tournaments where he's even beaten some of the highest ranked professional Fifa players in the world. Harry also played West Ham United's eSports player Sean Allen in a special exhibition match who he defeated over two legs.

Harry has since taken part in the world's first pro FIFA tournament between real-life football clubs. He managed to defeat representatives from Manchester City, Wolfsburg, Sporting CP, Schalke 04, and West Ham United to emerge victorious in his first competitive tournament for Hashtag United.

Recently, Hashtag added to their FIFA eSports team with the signing of Tassal Rushan and Ivan Lapanje. All three players have qualified for the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team European Regionals at the first time of asking. The future looks bright for Hashtag United eSports.



Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
United Kingdom Shawrey Alex Shaw 2018-10-27 [17]
United Kingdom Tom Thomas Leese 2019-09-19 [13]


Former Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
United Kingdom Harry Harry Hesketh 2016-05-16[1] 2020-07-27 [16] Fnatic
Spain JRA Javier Romero 2020-01-10 [14] 2020-04-20 [15] Falcons
New Zealand Honey Badger Harry Blackmore 2018-10-10 [8] 2019-09-01 [12]
United Kingdom Ryan Ryan Pessoa 2017-10-11[5] 2019-08-30 [11] Manchester City
United Kingdom dreamR Adam Barton 2018-04-23 2019-01-10 [10]
United Kingdom EthxnH Ethan Higgins 2018-10-?? 2018-12-31 [9]
Sweden BorasLegend Ivan Lapanje 2016-11-11[2] 2018-09-13 [7] North
Denmark Agge August Rosenmeier 2017-10-11[5] 2018-09-13 [7] North
United Kingdom Tass Tassal Rushan 2016-11-11[2] 2017-10-02 [4] FaZe Clan
United States Dirty Mike Michael LaBelle 2017-03-11[3] 2017-11-22 [6] New York Red Bulls