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Team Information
Germany Alexander "TheSlasH" Müller
Total Earnings:
Organization: 1997

SK Gaming is a German eSports organization. Founded in 1997 under the name "Schroet Kommando" in Oberhausen, Germany, it has since then grown into one of the largest and most well-known eSports organizations in the world, and they are primarily known for their hugely successful Counter-Strike team.



Schroet Kommando was founded in 1997 as a German Quake clan by four brothers and three accomplices in Oberhausen, Germany. The original line-up of Schroet Kommando consisted of Ralf "Griff" Reichert, Daniel "Godlike" Beames, Tim "Burke" Reichert, Benjamin "Kane" Reichert, Kristof "Speed" Salwiczek, Carsten "Storch" Kramer and Sven "Ramses" Tümmers.[1] According to Ralf Reichert, the original naming of the organization originated from one of the members repeatedly shouting, "Schröet!" This was a common occurrence from whenever a double-barreled shotgun would be handled, due to the translation meaning "shrapnel". Eventually, the team adopted this into their name, thus becoming "Schroet Kommando". Since then, the organization began using their abbreviation more often, until it eventually became SK Gaming.[2]

Initially, the Beames family home operated as the Schroet Kommando headquarters, concentrating primarily upon the Quake series. Early on, Schroet Kommando became one of the first clans to feature an all-female team; the most notable of which was Annemarie "XS" Warnkross, who is a notable current television host on German TV. The organization expanded into Counter-Strike, where it became known as one of the most-successful squads in all of Germany. In September 2001, Andreas "bds" Thorstensson merged his Geekboys team and news syndicate with that of SK Gaming, with a long-term prospect of emphasizing the success of his own organization. Thorstensson revolutionized electronic sports by having SK act as the first organization to have payable premium services ("SK Insider", a virtual marketplace in which subscribers could download demos, mods and add-ons better and earlier than others, talk directly to SK gamers etc.).[2] The organization's international Counter-Strike success came when they signed on the players of the successful Swedish Counter-Strike clan Ninjas in Pyjamas. In 2003, SK Gaming became the first electronic sports organization to contract players, beginning with the SK Sweden Counter-Strike squad.[3]

Later Years[edit]

The 2006 season brought no successes to the Counter-Strike team, the most notable of which, the team failed to qualify for the Electronic Sports World Cup, in which Sweden was represented by rivals Ninjas in Pyjamas and the developing Fnatic team. Thereafter, the team managed to qualify for the KODE5 finals, where they won two matches and lost to the Brazilians from mibr during the group stages. They then lost to Wisdom Nerve Victory in the single elimination round, placing fifth to eighth overall. Success did come for the Quake 4 squad however, as the Swedish star player Johan "Toxic" Quick managed to win eight out of the ten major tournaments during that year, including four out of five World Championships. Meanwhile, the FIFA 06 squad had a successful year, as the team managed to win the prestigious Electronic Sports League Pro Series twice, and the German player Daniel "hero" Schellhase won the World Cyber Games championship.

In 2008, SK Gaming began to invest in World of Warcraft and shortly before the release of the Sunwell Plateau, the final and most challenging raid encounter of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, the organization sponsored Curse, one of the highest-ranked guilds at the time.[4] SK Gaming's German competitor, Mousesports, had significantly commanded the recognition with maintaining Nihilum, the most-successful guild in the world, achieving a strong majority of world first raid kills. The newly recruited SK.PvE squad, however, had a strong winning streak during the Sunwell Plateau and completed most of the instance's boss kills first.[5] Due to differences in interests, the PvE team was dismissed, with a stronger emphasis upon the PvP aspect.[6] Near the end of 2008, SK Gaming entered the competitive console scene, with acquisition of a German Xbox team.[7]

On January 15, 2013, it was determined that SteelSeries has ended their ten-year sponsorship of SK Gaming, in addition to Evil Geniuses.[8]


  • January 4th - niLssoN comes back in SK Gaming. [9]
  • December - Twins hero and styla retire. [10]
  • December - Following these historical departures, SK Gaming close its FIFA team. [11]
  • September 15th - One of the most successful player, Spank, joins SK Gaming. [12]
  • March 1st - SK Gaming announce mario signature. [13]
  • December 30th - SK Gaming close its FIFA section. [14]
  • March 1st - SK Gaming launch SK Sports with new FIFA players. [15]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
Austria Mirza Mirza Jahic 2017-11-01 [16]
Germany Praii Timo Gruneisen 2017-11-01 [17]
Germany TheStrxngeR Tim Katnawatos 2019-10-01 [20]
Germany Phenomeno Michael Gherman 2019-10-01 [20]
Germany FLEXXOOO Felix Günther 2021-04-08 [21]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany Bomb Niklas Floeck 2019-01-11 [18] 2019-??-??
Germany DullenMIKE Dylan Neuhausen 2019-01-11 [18] 2019-07-29 [19] VfL Wolfsburg E-Sport
Turkey Cihan Cihan Yasarlar 201?-??-?? 2016-??-?? FC Schalke 04 Esports
Switzerland BRUNISCO Bruno Bardelas 201?-??-?? 201?-??-??
Austria mario Mario Viska 2013-03-01 [13] 2016-??-?? FC Schalke 04 Esports
Germany Kr0ne Joshua Begehr 2015-03-01 [15] 201?-??-?? FC Schalke 04 Esports
France Spank Bruce Grannec 2012-09-15 [12] 2013-12-30 [14]
Germany styla Dennis Schellhase 20??-??-?? 2010-12-?? [11]
Germany hero Daniel Schellhase 20??-??-?? 2010-12-?? [11]
Germany niLssoN Nils Nolthing 2010-01-04 [9] 2010-12-?? [11]
Germany Kr0ne Joshua Begehr 2006-??-?? 2010-12-?? [11]
Germany TornAdo Mohamed El-eter 20??-??-?? 20??-??-??
Germany Era Jannik Huber 20??-??-?? 20??-??-??
Germany niLssoN Nils Nolthing 20??-??-?? 20??-??-??



ID Name Position Join Date
Germany TheSlasH Alexander Müller CEO


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date
Germany qntm Brian Krämer Console head manager    


Date Placement Tier Tournament Player Prize
2019-01-27 A11st A2Tier 2 FUT 19 Champions Cup January - Finals Germany DullenMIKE $50,000
2013-05-08 A11st A1Tier 1 FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 France Spank $20,000
2007-10-07 A11st A1Tier 1 Template:Game/07 World Cyber Games 2007 Germany hero $15,000
2006-10-22 A11st A1Tier 1 Template:Game/06 World Cyber Games 2006 Germany hero $15,000
2009-11-15 A11st A1Tier 1 Template:Game/09 World Cyber Games 2009 Germany Kr0ne $10,000
2012-11-03 A11st A1Tier 1 Electronic Sports World Cup 2012 France Spank $5,000
2009-11-15 A22nd A1Tier 1 Template:Game/09 World Cyber Games 2009 Germany hero $4,000
2019-07-07 A99 - 16th A1Tier 1 FIFA Global Series 2019 Playoffs - Xbox One Germany DullenMIKE $3,500
2013-02-09 A99 - 16th A1Tier 1 Virgin Gaming EA Sports FIFA Challenge 2013 France Spank $1,750
2019-05-06 A55 - 8th A2Tier 2 ELEAGUE Cup 2019 Germany DullenMIKE $1,000
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