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Brutal Democracy

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[e][h]Brutal Democracy
Team Information

Brutal Democracy is a British esports organisation, currently operating in the UK and the United States.



Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
United States Obscure Jevante Fling 2019-07-17[1]
United States Mewtater 2019-08-09[2]
United States Bluegod 2019-08-14[3]
United States Nicky Nicholas Iovene 2019-10-12[7]
United States Teiga 2019-10-25[8]
United States KawaiiFaceMiles Miles Mackenzie 2019-11-18[9]
United States D3adlyKansas 2019-11-20[10]
United States SubatomicSabers 2019-11-30[11]
United States KingReyJr 2020-01-15[12]
Mexico LoloMx Gerardo Vega 2020-01-20[14]
Kenya Queen Arrow 2020-01-31[15]
United Kingdom Shivs Shivan Dass 2020-03-11[16]
France Khloey 2020-03-18[17]
France Nassim-Claw Nassim Meslem 2020-04-05[19]
Germany Zer0q Dean Bajram 2020-04-15[20]
United States LPN Long Nguyen 2020-04-23[21]
Chile Kane Blueriver Nicolas Gonzalez 2020-05-26[22]
United States Yohosie Dawn Hosie 2020-06-12[23]
United Kingdom The4philzz Kim-Philippe Badiabio 2020-07-12[24]
United Kingdom RsKyLuck Lee Johnson 2020-07-19[25]
United States Lil_Majin Terrelle Jackson 2020-07-31[26]
United States Cory Bell Cory Bell 2020-07-31[27]
Peru Pikoro Gonzalo Buleje 2020-07-31[28]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
United States ForeverKing Christian Quiles 2019-08-23[4] 2020-09-09[29]
Canada CeroBlast Christina Tran 2020-04-03[18] 2020-04-19
Brazil DidimoKOF Renato Pereira Martins 2019-09-23[6] 2020-03-?? Las Vegas Force
Mexico Romance Ramon Navarrete Valencia 2019-09-22[5] 2020-01-19[13] Las Vegas Force



ID Name Position Join Date
United States Fable Oliver Wilson Managing Director
United States SmokeytheReaper Matt Goudreault Senior Director
United States iSkylines Stephen Docherty Branding Director
United States ColonelVapor Brent Vining Content Creator
United States EsperKS Twitch Manager
United States iMrsVoorhees Mixer Manager
United States Skadi NA Operations Manager
United States TomoFromEarth Tomo Miličević Promotions Manager
United States Wadeyy Jon Young Junior Director


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date
Netherlands Gothica Sabrina Rijksen EU Operations Manager 2020-04-??


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