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Capcom Cup 2019

[e][h]Capcom Cup 2019
Tournament Information
Prize pool:
$250,000 USD
Start Date:
December 13, 2019
End Date:
December 15, 2019
Liquipedia Tier:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:



  • 32 qualified players:
    • Capcom Cup 2018 winner
    • Top 26 players from the Global Ranking Point Leaderboard
    • Winners of each region's Regional Finals
      • If a Regional Finals winner finishes the season in the top 26 of the Global Leaderboard, the qualification spot from the Regional Finals is awarded to the next highest-ranked player in the Global Leaderboard from that same region who is not in the top 26.
    • Winner of the Last Chance Qualifier
  • Double-elimination bracket
    • Seeding based on the players' placements in the Global Leaderboard, with the LCQ winner as the 19th seed

Prize Pool[edit]

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CC 2018 Champion
Japan Rashid gachikun
Capcom Pro Tour Leaderboard [1]
USA Karin Punk
Japan Karin Sagat Bonchan
Japan Akuma Tokido
Japan Birdie R. Mika Fuudo
Hong Kong M. Bison HotDog29
Japan Ibuki Fujimura
United Arab Emirates Rashid Big Bird
United Kingdom M. Bison Problem X
Japan Kolin Zeku Momochi
Norway Karin Necalli Phenom
USA G Guile NuckleDu
Taiwan Rashid Oil King
Singapore Ibuki Xian
Japan Karin Mago
Japan Necalli Machabo
United Arab Emirates Zeku AngryBird
Japan Rashid John Takeuchi
Japan M. Bison Urien Dogura
United Kingdom Zeku Infexious
Japan Urien Nemo
Japan Menat sako
South Korea Akuma NL
Japan Guile Daigo
USA G 801 Strider
USA Laura iDom
USA Rashid JB
Regional Qualification
Japan Zangief kichipa-mu1
France R. Mika Luffy1
Brazil Menat Zenith
USA Balrog Smug1
1 Japan Fujimura, United Arab Emirates Big Bird, and USA NuckleDu are currently qualified via global leaderboard, so their regional spots are passed to the highest-ranked players from their respective regions who are not in the top 26.
Last Chance Qualifier

Finals Bracket[edit]

Winners Finals
Losers Round 1
Losers Round 2
Losers Round 3
Losers Finals
Grand Finals

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