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Echo Fox

[e][h]Echo Fox
Team Information

Echo Fox is a North American professional eSports organization founded and owned by former NBA player Rick Fox. The organization was established in December of 2015, after Fox purchased and re-branded the League of Legends team Gravity Gaming for the reported sum of $1 million. On January 4, 2017, Echo Fox opened up its FGC division.


  • April 29th - Echo Fox signs Julio as their first player on their fighting game division. [1]



Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
USA SonicFox Dominique McLean 2017-01-04 [2]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
USA dekillsage Jon Coello 2018-04-18 [8] 2020-01-15 [18]
USA NuckleDu Du Dang 2019-02-13 [16] 2019-10-03 [17]
Japan Tokido Hajime Taniguchi 2017-01-04 [2] 2019-01-31 [15] Rohto
USA JWong Justin Wong 2017-01-04 [2] 2019-01-15 [14]
Japan Momochi Yusuke Momochi 2017-01-04 [2] 2018-10-31 [13] Victrix Pro
Japan Chocoblanka Yuko Momochi 2017-01-04 [2] 2018-10-31 [13] Victrix Pro
South Korea Saint Jinwoo Choi 2017-02-06 [3] 2018-10-11 [11] Genuine Gaming
South Korea JDCR Kim Hyunjin 2017-02-06 [3] 2018-10-11 [10] OGN
USA Theo Jivan Karapetian 2017-06-26 [4] 2018-10-09 [9]
USA Punk Victor Woodley 2018-03-28 [7] 2018-10-09 [9] Team Reciprocity
USA Scar Brad Vaughn 2017-01-04 [2] 2018-10-09 [9] Endemic Esports
USA Julio Fuentes Julio Fuentes 2016-04-29 2018-??-??



ID Name Position Join Date
Canada Rick Fox Ulrich Alexander Fox Owner
USA Jace Jace Hall CEO


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date
USA Boeken Stephen McMoore Manager 2017-11-17 [6] 2018-10-14 [12]
USA CoolGrayAJ Antonio Javier Manager 2017-01-04 [2] 2017-11-17 [5]


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