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Player Information
Romanized Name:
Goichi Kishida
November 9, 1987 (1987-11-09) (age 31)
CYCLOPS athlete gaming
Alternate IDs:
Active in:
2016-04-?? – 2016-10-??
2016-11-13 – Present
(rebranded from Cyclops Osaka on 2017-05-29)

Goichi "GO1" Kishida (born November 9, 1987) is a Japanese fighting game player. He is known for being a top player in a variety of 2D fighting game franchises, such as Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Melty Blood, Under Night In-Birth, King of Fighters and DragonBall FighterZ. GO1 is widely considered the best Melty Blood player of all time, and was extremely dominant in Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax and Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match.

GO1 excels at defense, combo execution and maintaining relentless pressure. In Street Fighter V, GO1 did not hesitate to pick up Chun-Li and Menat as his main characters, as their strength complement his play style and allows him to have the upper hand when it comes to character match-ups. In 2018, GO1 quickly rose through the ranks and became known as the best DragonBall FighterZ player in the world, being almost unbeatable in tournament during the early stages of the game.


Date Placement Tier G Tournament Team Result Prize
2018-09-02 A11st A1Premier Ultimate Fighting Arena 2018 CellBardockVegeta (Super Saiyan)Captain Ginyu 3 : 3 USACellPiccoloVegeta (Super Saiyan)HookGangGod $2,500
2018-08-05 A22nd A1Premier Evolution Championship Series 2018 CellBardockVegeta (Super Saiyan) 0 : 3 USABardockFused ZamasuAndroid #16SonicFox $5,152
2018-07-22 A33rd A1Premier VSFighting 2018 CellBardockVegeta (Super Saiyan) 1 : 3 JapanKid BuuCellSon Goku (Super Saiyan)Dogura $750
2018-07-01 A22nd A1Premier Community Effort Orlando 2018 BardockCellVegeta (Super Saiyan) 2 : 6 JapanKid BuuAdult GohanYamchaKazunoko $2,576
2018-06-10 A44th A1Premier Summit of Power BardockCellVegeta (Super Saiyan) 2 : 3 USACellKid BuuGotenksSonicFox $1,940.26
2018-03-18 A11st A2Major Final Round 2018 Adult GohanCellVegeta (Super Saiyan) 6 : 2 USAGoku BlackHitAndroid #16SonicFox $9,000
2017-10-29 A22nd A1Premier Canada Cup 2017 IbukiMenat 1 : 3 JapanUrienDogura $3,000
2016-12-04 A77 - 8th A1Premier Capcom Cup 2016 Chun-Li 2 : 3 JapanCammyKazunoko $5,000
2016-07-17 A44th A1Premier Evolution Championship Series 2016 Chun-Li 0 : 3 JapanNashyukadon $4,043
2016-07-10 A33rd A1Premier G-League 2016 Chun-Li 1 : 3 SingaporeF.A.N.GXian $1,500
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  • GO1 is known for being one of the 'Kings of Poverty', referring to his dominance in lesser known anime fighting games.
  • For the most part, GO1 doesn't care about having his identity tied to specific characters.
  • Often referred to as 'the Melty Blood God'.
  • GO1's stellar defense was finally recognized internationally with the release of DragonBall FighterZ.


2017-09-29 | SFV: CPT Interview Series - Go1 (EGX 2017)  by Capcom Fighters YouTube Channel