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Player Information
金森 識裕
Romanized Name:
Tsunehiro Kanamori
April 23, 1992 (1992-04-23) (age 28)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Capcom_Cup/2018/Asia Capcom_Cup/2018
2018-11-07 - Present

Tsunehiro "gachikun" Kanamori (ja: 金森 識裕) (born April 23, 1992) is a Japanese Street Fighter player currently representing Red Bull eSports. He is well known for his Rashid in Street Fighter V.


gachikun first begun playing fighting games with the release of Street Fighter IV at Japanese arcades [1] . Initially, he had no inspiration to play professionally, as he had no previous knowledge of the scene and lived far away from Tokyo. In Ultra Street Fighter IV, he went on to become notorious for his Sagat play, being recognized as one of the best players from Hiroshima [2].

With the release of Street fighter V, gachikun was one of the few top players to use Rashid in Season 1. In early 2017, he finally started to travel outside of Japan to compete professionally. At Red Bull Kumite 2017, gachikun shocked the western fighting game community by convincingly beating Xiao Hai, Tokido and Infiltration in his path to Grand Finals.

Throughout the 2017 and 2018 season of the Capcom Pro Tour, he continued to deliver exceptional results in a variety of ranking and premier tournaments, such as EGX 2017, Dueling Dragons Dojo 2017, Esports Festival Hong Kong 2017, EVO 2018 and CPT Asia Regional Finals 2018.

He gained a sponsorship with Red Bull eSports in November 2018 and following on from his consistent form in the 2018 CPT Season, gachikun became the 3rd Japanese Capcom Cup Champion in Las Vegas, losing only one set to Grand Finals opponent Itabashi Zangief to win $250,000 in the highlight of his career.


Street Fighter V[edit]

2020-03-15GA7 - 8thTopanga Championship 20205/3Round Robin
2020-01-26MC13 - 16thEvolution Championship Series: Japan 2020Rashid0 : 2JapanEdTrashbox
2019-12-22MC13 - 16thRed Bull Kumite 20191 : 2FranceLuffy
2019-12-15QG17 - 24thCapcom Cup 2019Rashid2 : 3Hong KongM. BisonHotDog29$500
2019-11-17QG17 - 24thCPT North America Open 20191 : 2CameroonHurricane
2019-10-12BA2ndCPT Asia Regional Open @ SEA Major Singapore 2019Rashid2 : 3JapanBirdieFuudo$3,000
2019-09-15DA4thCPT Asia Premier @ Tokyo Game Show 2019Rashid2 : 3United Arab EmiratesZekuAngry Bird$2,313
2019-08-04SR97 - 128thEvolution Championship Series 2019LJapanstormKUBO
2019-07-21GA7 - 8thVSFighting 20191 : 3United Arab EmiratesAngryBird$500
2019-07-07MC13 - 16thGame Over Tournament 20190 : 2United StatesPunk
2019-06-30IC9 - 12thCommunity Effort Orlando 2019Rashid0 : 2JapanUrienRyusei
2019-05-26EA5 - 6thCombo Breaker 20190 : 3JapanMachabo$933
2019-03-31EA5 - 6thNorCal Regionals 20190 : 3United StatesPunk$750
2019-03-17QG17 - 24thFinal Round 2019LTaiwanGamerBee
2018-12-16AA1stCapcom Cup 2018Rashid0 : 3
3 : 1
JapanAbigailItabashi Zangief$250,000
2018-11-11GA7 - 8thRed Bull Kumite 20181 : 2JapanNemo
2018-11-10BA2ndRed Bull Kumite 2018 Last Chance Qualifier2 : 3Hong KongHotDog29
2018-10-14AA1stCPT Asia Regional Finals @ SEA Major Singapore 20183 : 0JapanTokido$7,000
2018-08-05DA4thEvolution Championship Series 2018Rashid1 : 3JapanAkumaTokido$5,999
2018-07-22QG17 - 24thVSFighting 20180 : 2JapanMago
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  • gachikun played Drum Mania for 2 years before dedicating himself to Street Fighter.
  • He spent his youth in Hiroshima’s arcades.
  • Is a fan of American TV Series The Simpsons, having previously customized his Arcade Stick with art from the show. [3]