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Itabashi Zangief

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[e][h] Itabashi Zangief  
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Hiromiki Kumada
May 21, 1981 (1981-05-21) (age 39)
Years Active:
2013 - Present
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
Street Fighter
Evolution_Championship_Series/2004/VF4E Evolution_Championship_Series/2007/VF5
2012-04-23 – 2015-??-??
2016-06-18 – Present

Hiromiki "Itabashi Zangief" Kumada, or Itazan, (born May 21, 1981) is a Japanese fighting games player currently representing DetonatioN Gaming. He is a two-time EVO champion, having won Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution at EVO 2004 and Virtua Fighter 5 at EVO 2007. He is well known for his Zangief play in Street Fighter.


Itabashi Zangief first made his name in the fighting game community by winning several major Virtua Fighter tournaments, such as World Cyber Games 2008, EVO 2004 and EVO 2007. With the release of Street Fighter IV, he went on to utilize his 3D fighting game knowledge in Street Fighter, eventually becoming well known for his exceptional Zangief. Although Itabashi Zangief started to shift his focus to the Capcom Pro Tour, he continued to deliver solid results in 3D fighters, having a fair share of success using Astaroth in Soul Calibur V [1].

In the 2017 season of the Capcom Pro Tour, Itabashi Zangief joined Japanese organization Detonation Gaming [2], which helped him solidify his status in the western scene. Throughout the season, he would go on to place 3rd at Canada Cup 2017, 4th at EVO 2017 and 5th at Capcom Cup 2017, cementing his best Street Fighter season to date. He would later finish Runner-Up to Gachikun in the 2018 Capcom Cup beating players like NuckleDu, Momochi, Caba, Angry Bird, Justin Wong, Xian, Fujimura in his run and also was the only player to take a set off the eventual winner in the Grand Finals.

He is also currently ranked as the 14th best Street Fighter V player on the PGRSF 2016-19.


Street Fighter V[edit]

2021-04-18EA5 - 6th CPT 2021 Online Event: Asia - Japan 1Abigail1 : 3JapanKolinKawano
2020-12-20AA1stTopanga Championship 2020 - Season 24/1Round Robin$24,041
2020-10-25IC9 - 12th CPT 2020 Online Event: Asia East 2Abigail0 : 2JapanAkumaOtani
2020-07-26IC9 - 12th CPT 2020 Online Event: Asia East 10 : 2JapanRyusei
2020-03-15IA9 - 10thTopanga Championship 20204/4Round Robin
2020-01-26EA5 - 6thEvolution Championship Series: Japan 2020Abigail0 : 3JapanMenatsako$730
2019-12-21EA5 - 6thRed Bull Kumite 2019 Last Chance Qualifier1 : 2South KoreaINFILTRATION
2019-11-17RG25 - 32ndCPT North America Open 20191 : 2United StatesNephew
2019-11-03IC9 - 12thCanada Cup 2019Zangief0 : 2JapanM. BisonDogura
2019-10-27GA7 - 8thFirst Attack 2019Abigail1 : 3United StatesPoisoniDom$500
2019-10-19GA7 - 8thEGX 2019Abigail1 : 3United Arab EmiratesZekuAngryBird$500
2019-09-15IC9 - 12thCPT Asia Premier @ Tokyo Game Show 20191 : 2NorwayPhenom
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Street Fighter IV[edit]

2018-05-27EA5 - 6thCombo Breaker 20181 : 2United StatesTrueLionHeart
2018-03-24IC9 - 12thThaiger Uppercut 2018DQDL_Ninl
2015-12-06IC9 - 12thCapcom Cup 2015Zangief2 : 3BrazilAbelKeoma
2015-11-01EA5 - 6thCanada Cup 20151 : 3JapanMomochi$750
2015-09-26DA4thKO Fighting Game Festival 20152 : 3SingaporeXian$1,000
2015-03-20QG17 - 24thFinal Round XVIIILUnited StatesChris Tatarian
2014-11-29CA3rdDreamHack Winter 20142 : 3TaiwanGamerBee$900
2014-07-13IC9 - 12thEvolution Championship Series 20140 : 2United StatesRicky Ortiz$200
2013-07-14RG25 - 32ndEvolution Championship Series 2013LJapanMago
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vs. Brazil Keoma
vs. United States of America NuckleDu
vs. United Kingdom Problem X
vs. Taiwan, Republic of China RB
vs. Korea (South) Poongko



  • Itabashi Zangief is widely recognized as one of the greatest Virtua Fighter players of all time.
  • He is said to always have fun playing grappler characters, such as Zangief and Abigail.
  • His favorite Street Fighter players include Latif, Smug and Alex Valle [3].