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Bae Jae Min
Active in:
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2017-08-07 - Present
(Rebranded from ROX Gaming on 2018-02-21)

Bae "Knee" Jae Min is a South Korean Fighting Games player.

He is a two-time EVO champion, having won Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in 2013 and Tekken 7 at EVO Japan in 2018.


Knee started playing Tekken with the first iteration of the series, when he was in elementary school[1]. While growing up he continued to hone his skills, spending much of his free time playing Tekken at different Korean arcades.

By prioritizing fun over being a specialist, Knee developed a vast character knowledge over the years, eventually becoming known for utilizing all kinds of characters in high level play. Throughout his career he has shown full mastery over a plenitude of characters, such as Bryan, Devil Jin, Dragunov, Bruce, Paul, Steve, Hwoarang, Kazuya, Miguel, Jin, Heihachi, Shaheen, Josie and Lili. Knee is considered by many to be the greatest Tekken player of all time.


Date Placement Tier G Tournament Team Result Prize
2018-12-02 A33rd A1Premier Tekken World Tour Finals 2018 Devil JinLiliPaul PhoenixSteve Fox 1 : 3 South KoreaPandaRangchu $3,000
2018-09-09 A11st A1Premier Tekken Grand Battle 2018 Bryan FuryDevil JinFeng WeiSteve FoxKazuya MishimaLili 2 : 3
3 : 0
South KoreaAlisa BosconovitchElizaChanel $3,235.95
2018-05-27 A11st A1Premier Combo Breaker 2018 Jin KazamaPaul PhoenixKazuya MishimaKing 3 : 1 South KoreaEddy GordoJeondding $2,500
2018-05-20 A11st A1Premier Battle Arena Melbourne 10 Paul PhoenixFeng WeiDevil JinKatarina AlvesBryan Fury 3 : 0 South KoreaJack-7Eddy GordoSaint $2,500
2018-03-18 A11st A1Premier Final Round 2018 Devil JinPaul PhoenixSteve Fox 3 : 1 South KoreaSergei DragunovJDCR $4,282
2018-01-28 A11st A1Premier Evolution Championship Series: Japan 2018 Bryan FuryPaul PhoenixSteve Fox 2 : 3
3 : 1
South KoreaElizaAlisa BosconovitchLucky ChloeChanel $5,520
2017-07-16 A33rd A1Premier Evolution Championship Series 2017   Feng WeiSteve FoxBryan FuryDevil JinSergei Dragunov 0 : 3 South KoreaJack-7Saint $2,786
2015-12-12 A22nd A1Premier The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015   Devil Jin 2 : 3 JapanSergei DragunovNOBI $12,400
2013-07-12 A11st A1Premier Evolution Championship Series 2013 Lars AlexanderssonDevil JinBruce Irvin 3 : 1 USAOgreJinpachi MishimaBronson Tran $1,278
2012-11-04 A11st A1Premier ESWC 2012   $5,000
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  • The name Knee came from his time playing Tekken Tag Tournament; He used Bryan and Bruce as tag partners, characters that have many skills utilizing their knees.
  • Tekken became his main game because it was the most popular game at Korean arcades when he was growing up.
  • Knee got to high level play during Tekken 4, and started playing professionally with Tekken 5.