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Team Information
Nick "Spammy" Pelter

Method was founded by Scott "Sco" McMillan in 2005 and currently fields teams in Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, FGC and Rocket League. The organisation entered the Fighting Games scene in May 2017.



Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
USA REO Giuseppe Grosso 2017-05-13[1]
USA SylverRye Ryan Amaechi 2017-05-13[1]
United Kingdom Packz Marcus Parker 2017-06-21[2]
USA Flux Cole Tocci 2017-09-17[3]
United Kingdom imstilldadaddy Sean Dench 2018-01-24[6]
United Kingdom Broski Robert Livingstone 2018-01-24[7]
United Kingdom Eruxiahou 2018-02-23[12]
United Kingdom GuN SLinGa Anthony Phillips 2018-02-23[12]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
USA Mikeand1ke Devon Petties 2017-05-13[1] 2018-04-26[13]
France Verdoyance Clément Devos 2017-09-27[4] 2018-02-16[11]
United Kingdom RealMenace Gabriel Lawal 2017-09-27[4] 2018-02-16[11] Team EnVyUs
United Kingdom Quiggy Jordan Quigg 2017-06-21[2] 2018-02-13[10] Hashtag United
France Luffy Olivier Hay 2017-06-21[2] 2018-02-01[9] ARES Esport
France Nasty Nas Nassim Mohammed-Cherif 2017-09-27[4] 2018-01-30[8] ARES Esport
Ireland Cobelcog Chris McEntee 2017-06-21[2] 2017-12-19[5] UNILAD Esports
United Kingdom KurtJC Kurtis Crowther 2017-06-21[2] 2017-09-08 Prophecy
United Kingdom uk_oldmangrump Guy Barlow 2017-06-21[2] 2017-09-08



ID Name Position Join Date
United Kingdom Sco Scott McMillan Founder/Co-Owner
USA Spammy Nick Pelter Manager 2017-05-13 [1]


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