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PGRSF is a ranking of the top 50 Street Fighter V players as determined by an algorithm created by Panda's stats team, PG Stats.

The PGRSF took into consideration every offline Capcom Pro Tour tournament from 2016 to 2019 (235 in total), plus notable non-CPT SFV events Evo Japan, Red Bull Kumite, Frosty Faustings, Northeast Championships, and Kumite in Tennessee from 2016 to early 2020. In total, 254 brackets were tracked. Tournament tiers were assigned based on Capcom Pro Tour status, with the non-CPT events assigned relative to those:

  • SS Tier: Capcom Cup
  • S Tier: EVO
  • A Tier: CPT Premier Events (including Super Premiers), Capcom Cup LCQs, Red Bull Kumite Finals, and Evo Japan
  • B Tier: CPT Ranking Events and Red Bull Kumite LCQs
  • C Tier: Frosty Faustings, Northeast Championship, and Kumite In Tennessee



1Japan TokidoAkuma Ryu10009000NEW
2Japan FujimuraIbuki Nash9539000NEW
3United States PunkKarin Cammy9529000NEW
4Japan FuudoR. Mika Birdie9289000NEW
5United States NuckleDuGuile R. Mika9039000NEW
6Japan BonchanKarin Sagat8949000NEW
7South Korea InfiltrationNash Menat8939000NEW
8United Kingdom Problem XM. Bison Abigail8639000NEW
9Japan gachikunRashid8379000NEW
10Japan DaigoGuile Ryu8269000NEW
11Singapore XianIbuki8259000NEW
12Japan MomochiKolin Ken8129000NEW
13Norway PhenomNecalli Karin8019000NEW
14Japan Itabashi ZangiefZangief Abigail7879000NEW
15Japan NemoUrien Vega7869000NEW
16Japan HaitaniAkuma Necalli7839000NEW
17South Korea NLCammy Akuma7799000NEW
18Japan MachaboNecalli Akuma7739000NEW
19Japan MagoKarin Cammy7579000NEW
20Japan sakoMenat Chun-Li7529000NEW
21United Arab Emirates Big BirdRashid Ken7519000NEW
22United States iDomLaura Poison7459000NEW
23Japan John TakeuchiRashid7429000NEW
24United States Justin WongMenat Karin7399000NEW
25Taiwan Oil KingRashid7389000NEW
26Japan KazunokoCammy7249000NEW
27Dominican Republic MenaRDBirdie7179000NEW
28China Xiao HaiCammy7119000NEW
29South Korea VerlorenCammy7089000NEW
30Japan DoguraM. Bison Urien7079000NEW
31France LuffyR. Mika6989000NEW
32Japan MOVChun-Li6919000NEW
33United Kingdom InfexiousZeku6839000NEW
34Japan mokeRashid6759000NEW
35Hong Kong HotDog29M. Bison6569000NEW
36Japan GO1Chun-Li6349000NEW
37United Arab Emirates AngryBirdZeku6269000NEW
38Taiwan GamerBeeNecalli Cammy6239000NEW
39United States SmugBalrog G6099000NEW
40United States Filipino ChampDhalsim6069000NEW
41Japan stormKUBOAbigail6009000NEW
42Japan kichipaZangief5739000NEW
43United States 801 StriderG Laura5599000NEW
44Dominican Republic CabaGuile G5489000NEW
45United States CJ TruthCammy Kolin5359000NEW
46Japan RyuseiUrien Ryu5279000NEW
47Japan EitaKen5229000NEW
48United States Ricki OrtizChun-Li5219000NEW
49Belgium TakamuraAkuma5059000NEW
50United States Snake EyezZangief Akuma5009000NEW

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