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Panda Global

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[e][h]Panda Global
Team Information

Panda Global is a North American professional eSports organization.




Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
United States MarlinPie Kyohei Lehr 2016-04-27 [4]
Canada Hayatei Alexandre Dubé-Bilodeau 2017-03-02 [8]
United States Kitana Prime Bryant Benzing 2017-03-02 [8]
United States SKD Jachin Harte 2017-03-09 [10]
Japan BNBBN Kei Komada 2019-04-19 [20]
Singapore Shen Chan Jovian Chan 2019-04-19 [20]
United States Kizzie Kay Keenan Kizzie 2020-05-05 [21]
United States Punk Victor Woodley 2020-05-05 [21]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
United States Nakkiel Derek Bruscas 2018-04-01 [14] 2020-08-05[23]
United States Speedkicks Stephen Stafford 2017-07-13 [11] 2020-07-08[22]
United States RayRay Raynel Hildalgo 2016-04-27 [4] 2019-01-04[19]
South Korea Infiltration Lee Seon-woo 2018-03-18 [13] 2018-11-15 [18] Afreeca Freecs
United States Coach Steve Steven Delgado 2015-07-01 [2] 2018-08-17 [16] eSports Ecosystem
United States Punk Victor Woodley 2017-03-08 [9] 2018-03-04 [12] Echo Fox
United States Filipino Champ Ryan Ramirez 2015-06-26 [1] 2017-02-28 [7] Splyce
United States Scar Brad Vaughn 2016-06-07 [5] 2017-01-02 [6] Echo Fox



ID Name Position Join Date
United States SamuraiPanda Alan Bunney Co-Founder/CEO
United States Boeken Stephen McMoore Player Manager 2018-11-01 [17]
United States JWong Justin Wong Content Creator 2020-10-07 [24]
United States HookGangGod Eduardo Deno Content Creator 2020-10-08 [25]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date
United States Bear Bassem Dahdouh Manager 2015-07-16 [3] 2018-06-18 [15]


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