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Highlighted Players[edit]

  • Japan Daigo Umehara - Often considered as one of the greatest fighting game players of all time. Also one of the Japanese Five Gods of Capcom fighting games.
  • Japan GO1 - Anime fighters specialist, known as the "God of Melty Blood", and one of the best Dragon Ball FighterZ players in the world since its inception.
  • Japan Tokido - Another one of the Japanese Five Gods, three-time EVO champion, known for his Akuma Akuma play, his strong vortex tactics, and his "Murderface".
  • South Korea Knee - Legendary Tekken player, one of the most dominant players for more than 10 years on the franchise.
  • South Korea Infiltration - The most known Korean fighting games player, six-time EVO champion, including the first EVO Japan in 2018.
  • United States JWong - Regarded as one of the best American fighting game players, winning multiple championships in Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter games.
  • United States Punk - American player who rose to top player status after many tournament wins and impressive performances in 2016 and 2017.
  • United States SonicFox - One of the best players ever in NetherRealm games (Mortal Kombat and Injustice), and currently one of the top Dragon Ball FighterZ players.