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Victor Woodley
July 29, 1998 (1998-07-29) (age 20)
Team Reciprocity
Active in:
NorCal Regionals/2017/SFV DreamHack/2017/Austin/SFV ELEAGUE/Street Fighter V Invitational Capcom_Cup/2017/North_America Capcom_Cup/2018/North_America
2017-03-08 - 2018-03-04
2018-03-28 - 2018-10-09
2018-10-17 - Present

Victor "Punk" Woodley (born July 29, 1998) is an American fighting game player known for his Karin play in Street Fighter V. He was one of the first players to debunk the myth that looking for whiff punishes isn't a great option within the game. Throughout 2017, Punk often established superior footsies over legendary fighting game players, using his extensive Karin knowledge and execution to keep his opponents from having a chance to set up their game.

Punk first broke into the scene when he took third place at Red Bull Battle Grounds 2016 by beating Filipino Champ, Chris Tatarian, Justin Wong and almost taking down Tokido. Punk's surprising success at the tournament made him the talk of the community, and in early 2017 he went on to win several high-caliber North American tournaments such as NEC, Winter Brawl, West Coast Warzone, NorCal Regionals, DreamHack Austin and ELEAGUE. Punk was considered a favorite to win EVO 2017, but ended up falling short against Tokido once again, this time in Grand Finals. From that point, Punk continue to dominate the American Street Fighter scene in 2017 by winning Absolute Battle, East Coast Throwdown, Northwest Majors and Red Bull Battle Grounds.


Date Placement Tier G Tournament Team Result Prize
2018-12-22 A11st A2Major GEICO Gaming Championships Finals 2018 Karin 6 : 1 BrazilDhalsimDidimokof $5,000
2018-11-18 A11st A1Premier CPT NA Regional Finals @ Red Bull Conquest Finals 2018 KarinKolinCammy 3 : 2 USACammyCJ Truth $7,000
2018-09-02 A11st A2Major Summer Jam 12 Karin 3 : 0 USAM. BisonToi $2,058
2018-07-13 A55 - 6th A1Premier ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational 2018 KarinCammyKolinRashid 0 : 3 USABalrogSmug $5,000
2017-12-10 A99 - 12th A1Premier Capcom Cup 2017 Karin 2 : 3 JapanRashidmoke $2,000
2017-07-16 A22nd A1Premier Evolution Championship Series 2017 KarinNash 1 : 6 JapanAkumaTokido $15,250
2017-06-18 A22nd A1Premier Community Effort Orlando 2017 KarinNash $4,096
2017-05-26 A11st A1Premier ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational 2017 Karin $150,000
2017-04-30 A11st A1Premier DreamHack Austin 2017 CammyNash $7,000
2016-11-06 A33rd A1Premier Capcom Pro Tour NA Regional Finals @ Red Bull Battle Grounds 2016 KarinCammy $1,500
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  • Punk started playing fighting games with the release of Street Fighter IV.
  • He is known for actively trash talking other players and taunting his opponents in-game.
  • Won $150,000.00 from his 1st place finish at ELEAGUE.
  • Punk often calls himself The Alpha.
  • Notorious for his whiff punishes, hit confirms and optimized Karin execution.



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