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Player Information
Romanized Name:
Byeong Mun Son
January 27, 1987 (1987-01-27) (age 31)
Active in:
Evolution_Championship_Series/2005/TTT South_East_Asia_Major/2017/T7 Tekken_World_Tour_Finals/2017 Fighting_Games_Challenge/2018
2017-11-25 - 2018-03-12
(Rebranded from ROX Gaming on 2018-02-21)
2018-03-12 - Present

Byeong Mun "Qudans" Son is a Korean Tekken player currently playing for UYU who is most known for his Devil Jin experience as well as winning the first ever Tekken World Tour Finals in 2017, defeating compatriot Saint in the Grand Final.


Qudans first began playing Tekken from the first game in the series at a young age casually. It was not until Tekken Tag Tournament that he began to play seriously [1], quickly making a name for himself in the South Korean Tekken scene and became an EVO Champion for the game in 2005, defeating Ryan Hart in the finals [2]. Qudans kept playing until 2007, retiring due to hand fatigue experienced from excessive exercising which even forced him to temporarily switch to using a Joypad for Electric Cancel 6 [3] (he won the Tekken 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament events regardless). After this Qudans went on a five year hiatus from competitive Tekken, enlisting in the Army, going to University and getting a part-time job.

After his hiatus Qudans made his return to Tekken after being convinced by fellow player Ji3moon Ace to start playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and was motivated as well after watching Knee playing for numerous tournaments. His rise to stardom once again started with Tekken 7 however winning multiple tournaments such as the first season of AfreecaTV TEKKEN League and the SEA Major with the latter victory ensuring him a place at the first Tekken World Tour Finals where he emphatically won the event after a 10 year absence from North American tournaments. Shortly after this he was sponsored by ROX Dragons for the next TWT circuit but later signed with UYU in early 2018.


Date Placement Tier G Tournament Team Result Prize
2018-07-01 A22nd A1Premier Community Effort Orlando 2018 Devil Jin 2 : 6 South KoreaEddy GordoJeondding $1,962
2018-06-10 A11st A1Premier Fighting Games Challenge 2018 Devil Jin 4 : 3 South KoreaDevil JinPaul PhoenixSteve FoxFeng WeiJin KazamaBryan FuryHeihachi MishimaKnee $2,500
2018-05-27 A99 - 12th A1Premier Combo Breaker 2018 Devil Jin 0 : 2 South KoreaGeese HowardTrungy $0
2018-05-20 B717 - 24th A1Premier Battle Arena Melbourne 10 Devil Jin 1 : 2 AustraliaPaul PhoenixJack-7ShaheenLee Min Ho $0
2018-04-29 A99 - 12th A1Premier TWT Korea Masters 2018 Devil Jin 1 : 2 South KoreaJack-7Saint $0
2018-04-01 A22nd A2Major NorCal Regionals 2018 Devil Jin 2 : 3 South KoreaJack-7Saint $250
2017-11-19 A11st A1Premier WEGL 2017 Super Fight Invitational   Devil Jin 6 : 0 PhilippinesShaheenAK $9,110
2017-11-12 A11st A1Premier Tekken World Tour Finals 2017   Devil Jin 3 : 1 South KoreaJack-7Saint $15,000
2017-10-15 A11st A1Premier South East Asia Major 2017   Devil Jin 6 : 4 JapanJack-7Noroma $6,000
2017-10-08 A22nd A2Major TWFighter Major 2017   Devil Jin 1 : 6 South KoreaSergei DragunovHeihachi MishimaJDCR $2,000
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  • His nickname originated from typing in his first name in a keyboard in English mode, which instead of typing "Byeong Mun" actually typed out "Qudans" instead.[4]