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ROX Dragons

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[e][h]ROX Dragons
Team Information

ROX Dragons is a Korean team, the Fighting Games division of ROX Gaming. Initially focused only on League of Legends, ROX expanded into Overwatch, Vainglory, and joined the Fighting Games scene in August 2017.



Player Roster[edit]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
South Korea Knee Jae-Min Bae 2017-08-07 [1] 2021-12-20 [12] Vision StrikersVision Strikers Vision Strikers
South Korea Chanel Kang Seong-ho 2018-01-03 [3] 2021-12-20 [12] Vision StrikersVision Strikers Vision Strikers
South Korea Infested Byung-Ho Park 2021-01-18 [10] 2021-12-20 [12] Vision StrikersVision Strikers Vision Strikers
Peru Darlan Angel Navarro 2019-11-15[7] 2021-11-?? Mad Kings EsportsMad Kings Esports Mad Kings Esports
Peru Abel del Maestro Abel Segovia Julian 2019-11-15[7] 2021-11-02[11] Mad Kings EsportsMad Kings Esports Mad Kings Esports
Peru Chaoz James 2019-11-15[7] 2021-??-??
South Korea Puma Jinwoo Park 2019-05-10 [6] 2020-09-07 [9]
South Korea Eyemusician Minhyung Park 2019-05-10 [6] 2020-03-11 [8] Equinox GamingEquinox Gaming Equinox Gaming
Peru NeNe the Dragon Danny Echevarria 2019-11-15[7] 2020-??-??
South Korea Qudans Byeong Mun Son 2017-11-25 [2] 2018-03-12 [5] UYUUYU UYU




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