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[e][h]Red Bull eSports
Team Information


  • February - Red Bull signs Luffy.
  • May 14th - Red Bull signs Daigo.[1]



Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
Japan Bonchan Masato Takahashi 2015-09-01
Japan Daigo
Team BeastTeam Beast
Daigo Umehara 2016-05-14 [1]
United Arab Emirates Big Bird
NASR eSportsNASR eSports
Adel Anouche 2018-01-09 [2]
United States Anakin
Hoa Luu 2018-??-??
Japan gachikun Tsunehiro Kanamori 2018-11-07 [4]
Pakistan Arslan Ash
FATE eSportsFATE eSports
Arslan Siddique 2019-11-12 [5]
Spain Shanks
Giants GamingGiants Gaming
Joan Namay Millones 2020-04-29 [7]
Taiwan Oil King
Li-Wei Lin 2021-05-06 [9]
United States Cuddle_Core
Counter Logic GamingCounter Logic Gaming
Jeannail Carter 2021-09-18 [10]
United States ApologyMan
Vineeth Meka 2022-06-26 [11]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Japan Tanukana Kana Tani 2018-01-27 [3] 2022-02-17
France Luffy Olivier Hay 2016-02-13 2021-01-12 [8] Team GOTeam GO Team GO
United States Snake Eyez Darryl Lewis 2015-07-23 2020-01-01 [6]


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