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Team Information
2014-03-01 Organisation

Rise (previously known as Rise Nation) is a North American esports organization founded in 2014.



  • June 26th - Rise Nation rebrands as Rise.[10]
  • April 15th - Smug leaves the roster. [11]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
Vietnam Marn Martin Phan 2017-03-17 [1]
United States K-Brad Kenneth Bradley 2019-03-15 [8]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
United States Smug Bryant Huggins 2017-06-29 [3] 2021-04-15 [11]
Dominican Republic MenaRD Saul Mena II 2017-05-03 [2] 2019-05-02 [9] Bandits
Dominican Republic Caba Cristopher Rodriguez 2018-05-25 [6] 2019-02-28 [7] Bandits
United States Richard Nguyen Richard Nguyen 2017-09-27 [4] 2018-03-23 [5]



ID Name Position Join Date
United States BLiNDSiDE Rodger Saffold CEO/Founder 2014-03-01
United States Kahreem Kahreem Horsley Co-Owner/Founder 2014-03-01
Vietnam Marn Martin Phan Esports Manager




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