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Street Fighter V

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[e][h]Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V
Game Information
PlayStation 4
Release Date(s):
WW: 2016-02-16
JP: 2019-03-14

Street Fighter V[edit]

Street Fighter V was released in 2016, replacing Ultra Street Fighter IV as the mainline title in the series. It remained the main Street Fighter game until Street Fighter 6 was released in June of 2023.

The game was released during a period of financial difficulty for Capcom,[1] who have since admitted that they were forced to release it before it was ready.[2] As a result, the game was very bare-bones at launch, featuring only 16 playable characters and basic online versus play; it offered no arcade mode or story mode, no combo trials, or anything else that players had come to expect from fighting games.[3] As a result, the game was heavily criticized by press and users alike,[4][5][6][7][8] and the game did not meet Capcom's sales expectations.[9]

Despite the rocky launch and the bad publicity that followed, the game sold well enough for Capcom to continue to iterate on the title, and they would improve it significantly over the next several years.[10][11] They would also continue to support the competitive players, providing increasing prize pools via Capcom Cup and the Capcom Pro Tour.[12] Today the game is feature-complete, with a full roster of 45 characters and a significant amount of single-player content.

Competitive legacy[edit]

Despite the mediocre critical reception of the game, the competitive scene remained healthy. Much like its predecessor, Street Fighter V became one of the biggest competitive fighting games in the world during its timespan. Evolution 2016 broke records by having the highest number of entrants for any fighting game in history at that time,[13] and the top 8 bracket aired on ESPN 2.[14] Capcom Cup would also offer increasing prize pools over the next several years.[12]

Recent and upcoming tournaments[edit]

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