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Tekken 7

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[e][h]Tekken 7
Game Information
Bandai Namco Studios
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Release Dates:
(JP) August 25, 2015
PS4, Xbox One, PC
(JP) June 1, 2017
(EU)/(NA) June 2, 2017
PlayStation 4
Xbox One

Tekken 7 is a fighting game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is the ninth installment in the Tekken series, and the first to make use of the Unreal Engine. The game first had a proper arcade release in Japan around August 2015 which was followed by an updated version (Fated Retribution) in July 2016 which featured new content such as stages, costumes, items and characters. The home versions for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released worldwide in June 2017.


Rage Arts/Drives[edit]

Tekken 7 introduced "Rage Arts", which are a character specific cinematic move capable of taking a significant chunk of the enemy's health when activated during Rage state at the expenditure of the Rage buff itself. Rage could also be expended into "Rage Drives" which are powered up versions of regular attacks.

Power Crush[edit]

"Power Crushes" are moves introduced in Tekken 7 which let fighters absorb damage from mid or high attacks while allowing their own attack to continue.


Arcade Launch[edit]

Fated Retribution[edit]

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