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2018 Tekken World Tour

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[e][h] 2018 Tekken World Tour
Series Information

The 2018 Tekken World Tour was the 2018 season of Tekken 7 tournaments that were officially sponsored by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Finals Qualification[edit]

The Finals qualification spots were awarded based on the top 19 players from the Leaderboard, with a Last Chance Qualifier being played for the final 20th slot.

Ranking Point Matrix[edit]

All Tournaments included in the League will award Points which are used to rank the players on the Leaderboard in accordance with the table below:

Points Master Placing
Top 32
Challenger/Online Placing
Top 16
300 1st
220 2nd
150 3rd 1st
100 4th 2nd
70 Tied for 5th 3rd
45 Tied for 7th 4th
25 Tied for 9th Tied for 5th
10 Tied for 13th Tied for 7th
5 Tied for 17th Tied for 9th
1 Tied for 25th Tied for 13th

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