Tekken World Tour 2022: Pakistan Regional Finals

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[e][h]Tekken World Tour 2022: Pakistan Regional Finals
Tournament Information
Pakistan Pakistan
Double Elimination
Prize pool:
$6,000 USD
December 18, 2022
Liquipedia Tier:
Circuit Information
Tournament Region:
[tekkenworldtour ]
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:




  • 8 qualified players from their respective Tekken World Tour 2022 regional leaderboards

Group Stage[edit]

  • Two groups of four players
  • Single round-robin
    • All matches are Bo3
    • Top two players in each group advance to the Final Bracket
      • The winners advance to the Winners Side
      • The runner-ups advance to the Losers Side
    • Remaining players are eliminated
    • Click here for details about tiebreaker rules
  1. Set wins
  2. Net win score
  3. Head-to-head
  • If a tie still results after considering the number of match set wins, net win scores, and head-to-head match set wins, then placings will be determined as follows:
    • In the event of a two player tie, a best-of-one head-to-head match between the two tied players will take place to determine the placings.
    • In the event of a three player tie, a best-of-one round robin will take place between these three players, with the first player to win two matches winning the tie. In the event of a three player tie where the top two players need to be determined in order to advance to the final tournament, then the first Player to lose two matches will be eliminated.[1]

Final Bracket[edit]

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Commentator:
    • TBA

Prize Pool[edit]


Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A Standings
1. Pakistan TBD -
2. Pakistan TBD -
3. Pakistan TBD -
4. Pakistan TBD -

Group B[edit]

Group B Standings
1. Pakistan TBD -
2. Pakistan TBD -
3. Pakistan TBD -
4. Pakistan TBD -

Final Bracket[edit]

From Winners
From Losers
Losers Finals
Grand Finals


Qualified from Leaderboard
FATE eSportsFATE eSports
Pakistan  Arslan Ash
Ashes GamingAshes Gaming
Pakistan  Atif Butt
FATE eSportsFATE eSports
Pakistan  KHAN
Ashes GamingAshes Gaming
Pakistan  Qasim Meer
Pakistan  Heera Malik Pakistan  ARC
Ashes GamingAshes Gaming
Pakistan  Kashi Snake
Pakistan  Hammad

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