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Romanized Name:
Hajime Taniguchi
July 7, 1985 (1985-07-07) (age 33)
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Active in:
Evolution_Championship_Series/2002/CvS2 Evolution_Championship_Series/2007/SSFIIT Community Effort Orlando/2016/SFV South East Asia Major/2016/SFV Evolution Championship Series/2017/SFV Capcom_Cup/2017/Asia NorCal_Regionals/2018/SFV:AE ELEAGUE/Street Fighter V Invitational/2018 Tokyo_Game_Show/2018/SFV:AE Canada_Cup/2018/SFV:AE
2010-12-06 – 2011-06-25
2011-06-25 – 2016-03-??
2017-01-04 - Present

Hajime "Tokido" Taniguchi (born July 7, 1985) is a Japanese fighting game player. Tokido is currently a three-time EVO champion, having won Capcom vs. SNK 2 in 2002, Super Street Fighter II Turbo in 2007, and Street Fighter V in 2017. He is known for mastering Akuma in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, and is widely recognized one of the greatest fighting game players of all time.

Before solely dedicating himself to Street Fighter, Tokido was a major threat in multiple fighting game franchises, such as The King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, BlazBlue, Tekken and Capcom vs. SNK. As one of the Five Gods of Fighting Games, he became the face of consistency throughout his career, being able to compete at the highest level in any fighting game he dedicated himself to. In the modern era, Tokido continues to be one of the most respected and feared players in the fighting game community.

For his vast success in both the arcade and the modern era of fighting games, Tokido is considered the best fighting game player of all time by many professional players and commentators.


Tokido was introduced to fighting games in the 1990s, when he played The King of Fighters '94 on the Neo Geo MVS. The first Street Fighter game Tokido came in contact with was Street Fighter 2 on the Super Famicom. Although he was a highly successful player in dozens of fighting games, Tokido started to completely shift his focus to Street Fighter as he started to age.

Tokido got into Street Fighter IV late compared to other high-level players. When he did, teammate Daigo Umehara suggested him to pick Akuma, as a character like Ryu would be too difficult for him initially. While maining Akuma, Taniguchi became famous for his vortex tactics and eccentric persona on stage.

In the first few months of Street Fighter V, Tokido reached second place in multiple premier tournaments, losing only to Infiltration. Tokido would eventually defeat Infiltration at CEO in order to qualify for Capcom Cup 2016, and he also went on to win SEAM later in the year.

In January 4 2017, Tokido was signed by Echo Fox and once again decided to dedicate all his training to mastering Akuma in Street Fighter V. At EVO 2017, Tokido went on a tear through the losers' bracket, defeating FChamp, NuckleDu, Itabashi Zangief, Kazunoko and finally Punk to win the tournament in legendary fashion. As 2017 wore on, Tokido continued to consistently place first or second in every tournament he attended, including Capcom Cup 2017.


Date Placement Tier G Tournament Team Result Prize
2018-10-28 A11st A1Premier Canada Cup 2018 Akuma 3 : 2 ChinaCammyXiao Hai $7,000
2018-09-23 A11st A1Premier CPT Japan Premier @ Tokyo Game Show 2018 Akuma $7,000
2018-08-05 A22nd A1Premier Evolution Championship Series 2018 Akuma 0 : 3 United KingdomM. BisonProblem X $14,980
2018-07-13 A11st A1Premier ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational 2018 Akuma 3 : 1 USABalrogSmug $150,000
2018-04-01 A11st A1Premier NorCal Regionals 2018 Akuma 3 : 1 JapanGuileDaigo $7,000
2018-03-21 A11st A2Major RAGE: Byakko Cup Akuma $20,000
2017-12-10 A22nd A1Premier Capcom Cup 2017 Akuma 1 : 3 Dominican RepublicBirdieMenaRD $50,000
2017-09-17 A11st A2Major The Brooklyn Beatdown Round 2 Akuma 3 : 0 JapanR. MikaFuudo $20,000
2017-07-16 A11st A1Premier Evolution Championship Series 2017 Akuma 6 : 1 USAKarinPunk $35,750
2016-06-26 A11st A1Premier Community Effort Orlando 2016   Ryu 2 : 0 South KoreaNashInfiltration $12,022
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  • Tokido is referred to as the best fighting game player of all time by old-school personalities like James Chen, UltraDavid and Justin Wong.
  • He is one of the Five Gods of Fighting Games.
  • Although he is well-known for his Akuma, Tokido puts winning above everything.
  • Started playing fighting games at the age of six.
  • Throughout his carrer, Tokido has gotten Top 8 at EVO in SFII Super Turbo, GG XX#Reload, Hyper SFII, SFIII 3rd Strike, GG XX Slash teams, Virtua Fighter 5, Capcom vs SNK 2, GG XX Λ Core Teams, Tekken 6, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2, SSF4 AE, SF x Tekken, KOF XIII, Ultra SFIV and Street Fighter V, adding to over 24 EVO Top 8 placings.
  • According to Bonchan, Tokido has a philosophy to train himself physically to compete well. [1]
  • Tokido is often a fan favorite in tournaments.
  • An iconic moment of his career came at SoCal Regionals 2010 in a match against Clakey D, where he ended the match by mimicking Akuma's Raging Demon pose. [2]
  • He has adopted multiple playstyles over the years.
  • Tokido was known for taking on a somewhat eccentric persona on stage. More recently, he stated that he means to leave such behaviors behind him and "show entertainment in-game, not out of it".[3]
  • Often displays incredible mental fortitude and self control in nerve wrecking situations.
  • After winning EVO 2017, Tokido delivered a mantra that was repeated by fighting games fans all over the world: "Fighting games [are]... something so great.".
  • His favorite fighting game is The King of Fighters XIII.
  • He has a friendly rivalry with Hungrybox in Jenga.
  • Tokido shocked the american fighting game community during his first trip to the United States in 2002 by convincingly beating Justin Wong with Urien in SF3: Third Strike.

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