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UYU is a North American esports organization.



  • October 27th - UYU signs P. Ling as a first member.[1]
  • November 21st - Jeondding joins the roster.[2]
  • November 28th - Fergus joins the roster.[3]
  • December 2nd - Kami joins the roster.[4]
  • December 12th - NL joins the roster.[5]
  • February 21st - SHEN joins as Design Lead and content creator.[31]
  • June 3rd - Double leaves the roster.[32]
  • June 6th - Fergus rejoins as a content creator.[33]
  • July 31st - Deoxys leaves the roster.[34]
  • August 10th - RZA joins as a content creator.[35]



Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
United States Kami Andrew Armstead 2017-12-02 [4]
South Korea NL Sim Gun (심건) 2017-12-12 [5]
United States Beautifuldude Julian Franco 2018-01-15 [6]
Taiwan Oil King
Red Bull eSportsRed Bull eSports
Li-Wei Lin 2018-03-22 [9]
South Korea LowHigh Sun-woong Yoon 2018-12-10 [16]
China DCQ
Bilibili GamingBilibili Gaming
Yuhan Ding (丁煜晗) 2021-07-20 [43]

Street Fighter League[edit]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
United States Anakin Hoa Luu 2021-05-14 [40] 2022-??-?? Red Bull eSportsRed Bull eSports Red Bull eSports
Japan YUYU 2018-05-24 [12] 2022-09-19 [49]
South Korea Jeondding Sang-hyun Jeon 2017-11-21 [2] 2022-07-15 [48]
United States Marine 2019-09-07 [30] 2022-06-09 [47] PandaPanda Panda
United States ChrisCCH Christopher Hancock 2021-03-19 [38] 2022-01-31 [45] TSMTSM TSM
United States Rewind Curtis McCall 2019-06-10 [25] 2022-01-23 [44]
United States JB Jonathan Bautista 2019-08-23 [29] 2021-03-18 [37]
United States Deoxys Julien Gorena 2019-06-11 [26] 2020-07-31 [34]
Japan Double Shoji Takakubo 2019-01-25 [21] 2020-06-03 [32] GyoGunGyoGun GyoGun
United States Cloud805 Jonathon Morales 2018-03-24 [10] 2019-08-22 [28] Brutal DemocracyBrutal Democracy Brutal Democracy
United States Kizzie Kay Keenan Kizzie 2018-03-27 [11] 2019-04-01 [23] ANEW EsportsANEW Esports ANEW Esports
South Korea qudans Byeong Mun Son 2018-03-12 [8] 2019-03-12 [22] Mixbox ArcadeMixbox Arcade Mixbox Arcade
United States Brian_F Brian Foster 2018-01-31 [7] 2019-01-15 [20] Equinox GamingEquinox Gaming Equinox Gaming
United States Princess Ling Rontray Sherman 2017-10-27 [1] 2019-01-12 [18] Kingdom ArcadeKingdom Arcade Kingdom Arcade
United States KawaiiFaceMiles Miles Mackenzie 2017-??-?? 2019-01-12 [19] Brutal DemocracyBrutal Democracy Brutal Democracy
Ireland Fergus Fergus McGee 2017-11-28 [3] 2019-01-08 [17] Accelerate GamingAccelerate Gaming Accelerate Gaming



ID Name Position Join Date
United States Drew President/Co-Founder
United States Hunter Hunter Specht VP of Esports Operations 2018-03-21
United States Chelsea Chelsea Love Manager 2019-08-20
France FlashNo47 Normann da Silveira Project Manager 2022-02-15 [46]
United Kingdom Shen Design Lead/Streamer 2020-02-21 [31]
United Kingdom Tyrant Jonathan Parkes Streamer 2018-08-30 [14]
France RZA Streamer 2020-08-10 [35]
Kenya Queen Arrow Sylvia Gathoni Streamer 2021-02-19 [36]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date
Ireland Fergus Fergus McGee Streamer 2020-06-05 [33] 2021-07-16 [42]
United Kingdom Spag Hassan Farooq Streamer 2018-08-25 [13] 2021-07-08 [41]
Germany Mihawk Streamer 2019-05-18 [24] 2021-03-29 [39]
United States Romanova Amanda Rose Streamer 2018-07-04 2018-11-18
United States Suiken Michael Khieu Player Manager 2018-04-20 2018-10-14 [15]


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