Lewis Hamilton

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[e][h]MercedesMercedes Lewis Hamilton
Driver Information
Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton
January 7, 1985
Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England (age 38)
Driver Statistics
Pole positions:
Fastest Laps:
Career Points:
First race:
First win:
Formula 1Formula 1 Champion: 2008
Formula 1Formula 1 Champion: 2014
Formula 1Formula 1 Champion: 2015
Formula 1Formula 1 Champion: 2017
Formula 1Formula 1 Champion: 2018
Formula 1Formula 1 Champion: 2019
Formula 1Formula 1 Champion: 2020
Formula 2Formula 2 Champion: 2006
1998-10-09 — 2006-11-24McLaren Academy
2006-02-06 — 2006-09-11ART Grand Prix
2006-11-24 — 2012-09-28McLaren
2012-09-28 — PresentMercedes

Lewis Hamilton (born January 7, 1985) is a British racing driver who is currently driving for Mercedes. He holds the record for most F1 championship wins at seven, tied with Michael Schumacher and is widely regarded as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time.


Hamilton debuted in F1 with McLaren, driving alongside reigning back-to-back world champion Fernando Alonso. The Brit put on a remarkable debut season, finishing second in the 2007 Formula One World Championship, losing to Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen by one point and winning four of the season races, just narrowly outperforming Alonso who placed third with the same amount of points. Throughout the season, tension grew between the two teammates, leading to Alonso's departure from McLaren, while Hamilton re-signed to a multi-million contract.[1]

Hamilton turned it around in the 2008 Formula One World Championship and this time, he was the one winning the title by one point ahead of Felipe Massa. Massa had the advantage of the home crowd at the season-end's 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix, but a fifth place finish was enough for Hamilton to deny the home-turf hero his title. Hamilton stayed with McLaren for four more seasons asfter that, but never contested the title again, ping-ponging between 4th and 5th place.

The Briton returned to championship-winning form a year after his transfer to Mercedes in 2013. Hamilton helped Mercedes to 2nd place in the 2023 constructor's championship but his back-to-back victories in 2014 and 2015 ushered in a long, seven-year-long era of uncontested dominance for the team. Hamilton would win six titles in the next seven years, only losing the 2016 Formula One World Championship to childhood friend and karting and Mercedes F1 teammate Nico Rosberg. During his 2017-2020 run, Hamilton raced alongside Valtteri Bottas.

In 2019, Hamilton defeated Sebastian Vettel in the so-called "Fight for Five" rivalry[2] and then got his sixth in 2020, beating both teammate Bottas, as well as future rivals and young F1 hopefuls Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. In 2020, Hamilton won his seventh title in a COVID-impacted season, tying Michael Schumacher's record and entering the conversation for the greatest F1 driver of all time.

Hamilton came very close to a record eighth title in the 2021 Formula One World Championship, losing to Red Bull's Verstappen in a controversial battle. Under a safety car in Abu Dhabi, race director Michael Masi allowed only the lapped cars between Verstappen and Hamilton to unlap themselves, resulting in fresh soft tyre advantage for the Dutchman on the final lap, helping him win the race. While FIA subsequently removed Masi from his role as race director[3] and admitted to "human error" with withdrawing the safety car,[4] they also defended the final standings as "valid"[4], awarding Verstappen the drivers championship and Mercedes their eighth constructors title in a row.