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Dusty Dogs is a Fortnite Club founded by Epic Games. It is one of the 5 clubs formed to participated the 2018 Fall Skirmish.

The name Dusty Dogs made of Dusty which is one part of the Dusty Depot. Now known as Dusty Divot, one of the POIs in the game.

The word Dogs could refer to Dusty Docks, a false POI leaked prior to Season 5.



  • September 25th - FunkBomb is removed from the club for violating Epic Games' Code of Conduct and the Official Rules.[1]

Club Members[edit]

Club Members EU
Belgium adz 
Sweden Bowman 
Denmark Boyer 
Turkey Cimbek 
Israel Drafts 
Sweden Ettnix 
Sweden Fixter 
France Hunter 
Denmark Jarl 
France Jbzz 
Poland Kaku 
Denmark KejseR 
United Kingdom Lazy 
Spain LOLiTO 
Portugal Macau 
Germany MckyTV 
Germany Mexify 
Germany Moeps 
France NokSs 
Sweden Powder 
United Kingdom RizaaR 
Israel Shlomi 
Denmark Sieba 
Belgium Teeqzy 
Germany TheVs 
France Tomy 
Switzerland Vato 
France Xsoo 
Club Members NA
USA Adapt 
USA Ambrew 
Panama Aragon 
USA Aydan 
USA Bandit 
USA Beesox 
USA Blind 
USA Boss 
USA Dvsty 
USA Fulmer 
USA JCudi 
USA Kenith 
USA Lanjok 
USA Lewy 
USA Mak 
USA Outlit 
USA Payne 
USA Salt 
Canada Sean 
USA Snood 
USA Sofa 
USA Thiefs 
Sweden Topboy 
USA Tylarz 
USA Wilds